Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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North American River OtterCabarrus2021-11-19Lila Gandy1Dog like face with long body and long thick pointed tail. - 9700 Mt Olive Rd Mt Pleasant, NC 28124. Cabarrus County photo02_Photo
Hairy-tailed MoleWatauga2021-11-03Guy McGrane1Small gray mole without weird nose and without hairy tail - Boone Greenwayphoto02_Photo
Red SquirrelWatauga2021-11-09Guy McGrane2Tufted ears, smallish squirrel, reddish body and tail. - Boone Greenwayphoto02_Photo
North American River OtterWilkes2021-11-04Guy McGrane4Aquatic mammals were large and brown with very noticeable whiskers, and long round furry tails, also popping up out of the water with heads held high, and catching crayfish and chomping on them at waters edge. See Picture - Dam Pool at Jefferson Turnpike, North Wilkesborophoto02_Photo
Eastern ChipmunkWatauga2021-11-09Guy McGrane3Tiny squirrel-like mammal, striped on back, see picture. - Boone Greenwayphoto02_Photo
Brown RatMadison2021-11-17Pat & Bob Momich1Large (about 7" body & 7" tail), white feet, Light belly, bicolored tail with white on the bottom. We've had large nests in our workshop and barn. Not uncommon here. Maybe considered Neotoma, unidentified species. - Trapped in live trap that he nearly squeezed out of. We had to cut the wire to free him and put him in a bucket where photo was taken. Off NC 208 near TN state line.photo02_Photo
Woodland Jumping MouseBuncombe2021-10-09Helen Burrell1White tip on tail, large hind legs, darker fur color on top, lighter on sides - YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC I took a video originally, then captured the picture from the video. I would be happy to send the video too, but I don't see a spot to add video on the submission area.photo02_Photo
Silver-haired BatNew Hanover2021-09-30Morgan Freese1ID provided by bat biologists on iNaturalist - Fort Fisher State Recreation Areaphoto02_Photo
CoyoteChatham2021-09-11Paul Hart3Large brownish canid with pointed ears and bushy tail. I saw one in this field on the same date in 2015. They were standing together. - US 421, 1/4 mile north of intersection of NC90205_Sight
BobcatChatham2021-09-14Holly Weston1Typical bobcat pelage color and pattern, short, "bobbed" tail. - Along Highway 902 between Highway 421 and Pittsboro.photo02_Photo
Striped SkunkGreene2021-09-12Aaron & April Kimball1Our cat got sprayed and the smell was very powerful. Like someone burning tires. - Castoria area (3 miles south of Walstonburg, NC)photo02_Photo
Nine-banded ArmadilloTransylvania2021-09-11Kevin Bischof1see photo - Front gate Gorges State Parkphoto02_Photo
BobcatDurham2021-09-07Steve Hall1Four rounded toe pads without claw marks; bilobed front edge of palmar pad; trilobed rear edge of this pad; width of the track is greater than found in domestic cats - Sandbar along New Hope Creek close to the confluence with Sandy Creekphoto06_Sign w/photo
North American River OtterSurry2021-07-05Greg Bronson4Weasel like body, Long stout tail. grayish fur. Family of 4. - Thurmond, NCphoto02_Photo
WoodchuckJohnston2021-08-27Peter Hulth1Large brown 2/3 grown rodent with a brushy tail. I spent 40 years in the mtns of NC & VA. I'm very familiar w/ what a ground hog looks like--and tastes like. - Crossed the street in the 200 block of Bridge St, traveling North. This is just a few feet east of the demarcation line between the piedmont & coastal plain. 05_Sight
American MinkRutherford2021-08-28Kimberly Horvath1Smaller head than otter. Slender body. Bushy tail. Watched it Along the shore and swimming for several minutes. More pictures available. - Lake Lure near flowering bridgephoto02_Photo
American MinkJohnston2021-08-19L. C. Smith1Animal was about 18 -24 inches long with a thick tail about 6-10 inches long. Body in the shape of a stove pipe; elongated about 4-5 inches in diameter. Fur was brown/chocolate in color with short legs that were dark/black in color. The last half of the tail was dark/black. Face was also dark. - In Johnston County one mile north of Town of Micro. Animal was crossing Micro Road (Secondary Road 2130).05_Sight
WoodchuckMecklenburg2021-08-11Alicia McArthur 1Grayish with brown overtones - Matthews ncphoto02_Photo
WoodchuckGaston2021-08-12Kevin Smith1Coloration, head shape, size. - 6th Street in Belmont. Approximately 12:30 p.m. Walking across the National Guard Armory lawn.photo02_Photo
West Indian ManateeNew Hanover2021-08-09Martin Boyle1I looked down and saw a very large (~8-10 ft long, ~3 ft wide) grey, submarine-shaped animal swim slowly past the floating dock, about 2 feet from where I was standing. It had no visible dorsal or pectoral fins (like you would see on a shark or dolphin). I saw the animal clearly because it was near low tide and the water was only a few feet deep. I thought it looked just like a manatee, but I didn’t think they lived this far north. I ran to grab my phone from the main dock and then began recording the attached video. Unfortunately you can’t see the manatee (large dark object moving under water) very well because of the glare. But you can see the distinctive circular shaped wake that its tail leaves behind it in the water as it swam. I compared that to the wake in videos of manatees swimming in Florida, which matched the circular swirls that I saw. - In the sound behind Bay Street, Wrightsville Beach, NC.photo02_Photo
American Black BearStokes2020-07-03Caitlin Jay1Thin, mangy looking, young, solid black, very fast running down incline, across road, then up another incline. Reported to park employee at bath house and was told they were aware of young bear in area that looked sickly. His back was no more than four inches over the top of the hood of my 2007 Kia Optima (best way for me to give height on all fours). - On road, running across, Hanging Rock State Park. Bear ran directly across the road in front of me just before the visitor center.05_Sight
Wild BoarPender2021-07-19Clara Frickmann3black, 3 large boar, only one of them captured in footage.rnPhoto is a screenshot from a video that may better show the animal. - On Long Ridge game land near Atkinson, NC. 34.5642626, -77.1884155photo02_Photo
North American River OtterAlamance2021-07-04Derek Huffman2Brown slender bodies with slender tail - Seen swimming in Haw River05_Sight
American MinkCraven2021-07-17John Lynch1Long, slender body with chocolate fur. It was about the size of a grey squirrel but slimmer. There was no white on the undersides ruling out other mustelids and much too small to be an otter - 35.271440, -76.98331303_Roadkill
Southeastern BatAnson2021-05-21Olivia Munzer, Kacy Cook2color, size - Pee Dee NWR 35.06548, -80.078101photo02_Photo
Northern Long-eared BatHertford2021-06-30Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Adult non-reproductive male. Ears >17 mm, very long symmetrical stilleto-shaped tragus. FA=37mm. Weight=7.0g - Mist-netted in Chowan Swamp Game Land, Long Road. Lat/Long = 36.32808, -76.75757photo02_Captured
Tricolored BatColumbus2021-07-06Lisa Gatens, Ed Corey, Mike Cove, Adrian Lambert, Zach Lunn, Brett Godwin1See photo for field marks. Adult male, non-scrotal, RF = 33mm, M = 4.5g, Band Number NCSM 0172. - Lumber River State Park, Big Sandy Ridge accessphoto02_Photo
Southeastern BatColumbus2021-07-06Lisa Gatens, Ed Corey, Mike Cove, Adrian Lambert, Zach Lunn, Brett Godwin1See photo for relevant field marks. Adult Male, non-scrotal. RF = 38mm, M = 5.5g. Band Number NCSM 0170. - Lumber River State Park, Big Sandy Ridge accessphoto02_Photo
Rafinesque's Big-eared BatColumbus2021-07-06Lisa Gatens, Ed Corey, Mike Cove, Adrian Lambert, Zach Lunn, Brett Godwin1See photo for relevant field marks. Juv female, RF = 33mm, M = 6g, Band Number NCSM 0169 - Lumber River State Park, Big Sandy Ridge accessphoto02_Photo
House MouseMoore2018-11-11Jeff Beane1See photo. - 5.5 airmi. WSW Pinebluff, 5968 Hoffman Rd. (off W side SR 1004, 0.7 rdmi. NNW Drowning Cr./Richmond Co. line, 35.07330N, 79.55751W.photo02_Photo