Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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Northern Long-eared BatHalifax2022-06-07Gary Jordan (USFWS), Campbell Brown (NCDOT)1Ear >17mm, very long stiletto-shaped tragus, FA=35mm, weight=6.5g, healthy non-reproductive female - Roanoke River Preserve (owned by TNC) 36.11448, -77.26251photo02_Captured
American Black BearGuilford2022-06-24Matt Wangerin 1Dark brown fur, light brown muzzle - see photo. - Interstate 73S at mm115photo02_Photo
West Indian Manatee_Brunswick_inshore2022-06-19Taylor Piephoff, Lorraine Piephoff, Chuck Golumb, Leslie Sprigg1Massive animal swam by dock in intracoastal waterway adjacent to Bird Island. Surfaced several times, paused briefly in shallow water to examine vegetation. Continued east. Not fins, paddle-like tail. This is my third sighting of this species in Brunswick Co since 1999. - Sunset Beach, NC (Brunswick County)05_Sight
North American River OtterMontgomery2022-06-03George Pistolis 4Color dark brown body long lean and a tailphoto02_Photo
North American Least ShrewDurham2022-05-30Silas & Solly Beachler, Owen McConnell1The total length pf the head and body is 2 inches and the tail is only 1/2-inch long. Blarina carolinensis, which is similar in shape and color, is longer and has a longer tail. - 2810 Butner Street, Durham, NC 27704. On ground near front steps of house and near azaleasphoto02_Photo
Eastern MoleCarteret2022-05-27R. Newman1silvery gray, enlarged forelimbs. see photo - Ft. Macon Stae Parkphoto02_Photo
CoypuHarnett2022-04-17Paul Hart2Large aquatic rodent, prominent white whiskers, small dark ears, large nostrils. - Cape Fear Shiner County Park - Beaver Pond Trail observation deckphoto02_Photo
American MinkGranville2022-05-30Mark SykesoneSolid black in color. Observed about 5pm. - Near Falls Lake on Will Suitt Rd. Creedmoor 27522photo02_Photo
Common Bottlenose Dolphin_Pamlico_sound2022-04-26Steve Chong & Shelley Davis 3Grey body, curved dorsal fin, breaching - 473 Blue Heron Drive Bayboro, NC05_Sight
Woodland VoleChatham2022-04-29Parker Backstrom1Obvious vole spotted scurrying through grass. Warm brown-with-gray pelage, paler on venter. Differentiated from similar Meadow Vole by tail length, reported in literature as "short" in Woodland Vole, "longer" ("twice length of hind foot")in Meadow Vole. The tail of this individual was intact and roughly equivalent to the single length of its hind foot, a measurement visible in the attached photograph. - Grassy field in observer's yard in Bear Creek (35.613834, -79.379393).photo02_Photo
Southeastern BatOnslow2022-04-22Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Adult reproductive male, 7.25g, FA=36. Base of belly fur hairs jet black, long toe hairs, short woolly fur on back, typical myotis tragus. - On private property near southwest bank of White Oak River at 34.8505, -77.2106photo02_Captured
Silver-haired BatNorthampton2022-04-25Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Adult non-reproductive male, 10.25g, FA=41mm. Prominent silver hair on back. - Upper Roanoke River Wetlands Game Land, Garibaldi Tract.photo02_Captured
Red FoxOrange0000-00-00rural homeowner1, with 3 kitsRusty red body, white/beige chest, white markings on noticeably pointy face; very bushy tail white/beige underneath and with a streak of black; black "stockings" on lower legs. Beautiful! Between the size of a large house cat or a medium-sized dog. The 3 kits appear to be small furry brown balls of energy, I couldn't see any distinguishing marks on them. - Rural wooded area a few miles from Orange/Alamance County line, about 10 miles from Hillsborough or Saxapahaw or Mebane. Observed late afternoon from my balcony: 1 resting but alert adult female with 3 very young playing kits at front entrance of my small open-fronted barn.05_Sight
Rafinesque's Big-eared BatOnslow2022-04-06Gary Jordan (USFWS), Sophia Gingrich (NCDOT)1Ears >25 mm long, belly fur tipped white - On private land just west of White Oak River at 34.85263, -77.21298. Habitat was bottomland hardwood swamp.photo02_Captured
Hoary BatPolk2022-03-29Marilyn Westphal and Nora Murdock1see attached photo. - Roosting on the concrete side of a bridge over the Green River on Green River Cove Rd.photo02_Photo
American BeaverMoore2022-03-22Alicia Jackson2Aquatic mammals with wide, flat tails. Trail camera video captured two individuals working on a scent mound. - Ray's Mill Pond/ Powell's Pond, Aberdeen, NCphoto02_Photo
Northern Long-eared BatChowan2022-03-22Gary Jordan (USFWS), Caz Castello (NCDOT)1Ear >17mm, FA=34mm, Wt=5.5g, long stiletto-shaped tragus. Healthy adult male. - On private property in northwest corner of Chowan County about 0.8 mile east of Chowan River and west of Cannons Ferry Road. Lat 36.29078, -76.66247photo02_Captured
West Indian Manatee_Onslow_inshore2019-09-13Michael Zachman & Robert Govitz1The Manatee was grey in color, around 7 Feet long. Distinctly remember the circular tail. - Fishing at the swing bridge on Camp Lejeune, Single manatee swam down the Intercoastal Waterway heading south. Manatee stopped at the fishing pier located next to the swing bridge and I got a good look at the whole animal. 05_Sight
North American River OtterAlamance2022-03-09Jack Krawczyk1Black shiny coat. Long tail. He said his name was Bert the otter. - Along a small stream in Downtown Mebane near the Arts & Community Centerphoto02_Photo
Hoary BatHaywood2016-11-00Kirk Gardner1photo on iNaturalist website02_Photo
Hoary BatCabarrus2018-01-00abeck3651photo on iNaturalist website; 02_Photo
Silver-haired BatJohnston2020-11-00maggie_nc1photo on iNaturalist website02_Photo
Silver-haired BatRockingham2021-01-16Philip Stringer1photo on iNaturalist website; Madison02_Photo
Silver-haired BatUnion2021-01-00sammyisafuzzydog1photo on iNaturalist website02_Photo
Silver-haired BatAshe2021-12-19Joseph Johnson1photo on iNaturalist website; New River State Park, Jefferson02_Photo
Mexican Free-tailed BatCaldwell2020-08-11Robert Russo1photo on iNaturalist website; Granite Falls02_Photo
Mexican Free-tailed BatSurry2019-11-20Drew Scott1photo on iNaturalist website; Dobson02_Photo
Mexican Free-tailed BatCabarrus2022-02-12funnystuff24951photo on iNaturalist website; Concord02_Photo
Mexican Free-tailed BatBeaufort2018-12-22Robby Deans1photo on iNaturalist website 02_Photo
Eastern MoleJohnston2018-10-22connie-potter1photo on iNaturalist website; Selma02_Photo