Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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West Indian ManateeWashington_river/sound2022-11-10Mackeys Ferry staff1Large, gray, rotund marine mammal, moving slowly in fresh water -- Originally posted on a FB page, submitted by Ed Corey - Mackeys Creek, Roperphoto02_Photo
BobcatHenderson2022-11-10Hannah Bennett1stripes on inner leg and bobbed tail. I took a video. The photo is a still from the video - near 325 robinson lane photo02_Photo
Meadow Jumping MouseRockingham2022-10-23Karen Ramey OneWitnessed it jumping approx 6". Long tail, large back feet, white underbelly. (Domestic cat brought into house, mouse later perished : (photo02_Photo
Common MuskratMadison2016-11-01Jim Petranka and Becky Elkin1We watched this one gathering plant material for several minutes. The tail was laterally compressed although the image doesn't show it well. - In a pond near the junction of Alternate US 23 and SR 1503.photo02_Photo
American MinkOrange2022-09-24Jin Bai1long and thin body, dark body color, and a small white patch on the chin. - Brumley Nature Preserve - Northphoto02_Photo
Big Brown BatSurry2022-10-26Angela Stanfield1Wing attached at ankle, reddish brown summer coat, - Chimney of a residence beside the Ararat River, Ararat NC 27007 was carefully removed from chimney and placed outside to return to wild.photo02_Photo
Gray FoxMadison2022-09-11Becky Elkin1Gray colored fox with a black tipped tail. Photo is a screenshot captured from a trail camera video. - 782 River Bend Drphoto02_Photo
Gray FoxDurham2022-09-01A. Pearson2They were both grayish/dark color all over their body. They both had a very distinct black/darker colored tail. - Two gray foxes scampered through my back yard at approximately 0745 in the morning on 9/01/22. I live in Bahama, a rural area in Durham County.05_Sight
West Indian ManateeBrunswick_river/sound2022-10-17Terry Clark1We observed something large rolling on the surface of the water yesterday and this morning, 10-17-22, saw a large brown manatee at the edge of the grass beside our dock feeding. It came out of the water a few times around the dock/pier before slowly heading away. - Holden Beach intercoastal waterwayphoto02_Photo
Seminole BatDuplin2022-07-25Gary Jordan (USFWS), Sophia Gingrich (NCDOT)21 juvenile male and 1 juvenile female. Similar to eastern red bat but with mahogany brown color on back and male has prominent dark mask across face. Female has less prominent mask across face. FA = 40mm for both, wt = 8.25 and 7.25g, respectively. - On Duplin County property off Wild Life Landing Lane near Northeast Cape Fear River. Lat/Long = 34.93911, -77.8566402_Captured
Long-tailed WeaselStokes2022-06-30Moni Bates1predominately brown with tan/whitish chest and black tipped tail; tail half or more as long as body - NC Highway 268 (Lynchburg Road close to intersection with NC Highway 89. About a quarter mile south of Big Creek03_Roadkill
Eastern Fox SquirrelUnion2022-07-05George Andrews1Dark squirrel overall, white nose and ears. - Cane Creek Park, Harkey Road. Within feet of last sighting. This is a "groomed" area with cut grass and scattered planting of trees. 05_Sight
Eastern Fox SquirrelUnion2022-06-29George Andrews 1Very dark, nearly black overall with white nose and ears. Unmistakable. - Cane Creek County Park, Harkey Road. Second park siting, first on north side.05_Sight
Eastern Fox SquirrelWatauga2022-10-13Guy McGrane1Contrasting white nose, red in tail, very bushy and large squirrel. - Brookshire Park, Boonephoto02_Photo
West Indian Manatee_Carteret_inshore2022-10-12Sion Smith1Large(10’+), dark gray, slow swimming, lack of dorsal fin, tail was wide/rounded/flat, briefly breached water’s surface similar to a dolphin - Radio Island Public Beach Access- Bulkhead Channel05_Sight
Eastern ChipmunkGuilford2022-10-11Amy Larmer Brown small bushy tail - Adams Farm (SW Greensboro)photo02_Photo
CoyoteGuilford2022-10-02Matt Wangerin1Brownish canine with large ears, full tail - Highwoods trail at damphoto02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelWilkes2022-09-13Guy McGrane1White nose, very colorful overall, very bushy tail, very large for a squirrel. - The Cascades at Jeffress Park on the Blue Ridge Parkwayphoto02_Photo
White-footed DeermouseChatham2022-09-04Parker Backstrom, Holly Weston1Obvious Peromyscus by physical characters--tan-brown upperparts, white underparts including feet, bulging black eyes, large external ears, sparsely-haired pinkish tail roughly three-quarters combined length of head and body (see photo). P. maniculatus and P. polionotus ruled out by range. P. gossypinus discounted based largely upon range (extremely rare west of fall line between coastal plain and Piedmont). Assigned to P. leucopus due to that species' sheer abundance in Piedmont. - Located beneath tin roofing panel laid on forest floor in upland, second-growth hardwood forest bordering a flood plain of the Sandy Branch of Bear Creek in Bear Creek, Chatham County, NC (35.614590,-79.378235).photo02_Photo
Striped SkunkRandolph2009-02-22Lynda Blood1I am assuming that was what he was by googling it. BTW, he did spray my dogs mildly and then hung around my yard for two hours playing with dog toys and running around happy. animal control said he was not rabid, just juvenile. I have video of him playing with a hot dog toy if anyone wants to email me. - woods corner of old marlboro rd and edgar rd sophia ncphoto02_Photo
Hoary BatPitt2022-09-08Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Juvenile male, FA=51mm, wt=19.5g. Large bat with black-tipped ears and white-tipped fur on back having "frosted" appearance. - Mist-netted on Grimesland Plantation (private property) at 35.55787, -77.10900photo02_Captured
Eastern Red BatNew Hanover2022-06-28Morgan Freese1Identified by a bat biologist on iNaturalist - Fort Fisher SRAphoto02_Photo
Common MuskratWatauga2022-05-17Guy McGrane2See photo - Boone Greenway, Blue Trail in Beaver Pond on Hardin Creekphoto02_Photo
Brown RatForsyth2022-06-29Dwain Keith 1Brown, rat-shaped features and tail - Backyard, killed by my dog, probably behind the shed. photo02_Photo
Southern Flying SquirrelGaston2022-08-24Lauren Baheri2Looked like a normal squirrel except it’s tail was smaller and flatter and it’s arms were webbed allowing it to fly/glide - 130 Alberta Ave Belmont NC 28012photo02_Photo
West Indian Manatee_Dare_inshore2022-08-09Jack Marshall1On 8/10/22 I was speaking with a kayak fisherman who told me that he and his fishing partner had sighted a manatee swimming below the USACE pier, around 250 meters from the dry beach. He told me that he had seen the manatee four or five times at the surface before it swam away and that he was positive that's what it was. I asked what time they had spotted the manatee and he told me "mid-day" was the best estimation he could give. - Below the US Army Corps of Engineers pier in Duck05_Sight
Eastern Fox SquirrelUnion2021-08-15Hermes Goudes1black body, white nose/tip - Doster Rd, Mineral Springs NCphoto02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelUnion2015-06-01Tim Cartner1Identified by Registered Forester - black upper body, gray mottled lower body and white strip around nose - Doster Rd, Mineral Springs NCphoto02_Photo
CoyotePerson2020-01-09Jacqueline M. Pérez1Body type seems like a combo of coyote and wolf bushy tail wide-set, broad span ears Thick winter coat - Hurdle Mills, NCphoto02_Photo
Rough-toothed Dolphin_Brunswick_inshore2022-07-27Bald Head Island Conservancy staff1Reptilian head with pink tint to the mouth. Species ID confirmed by UNCW Marine Mammal Stranding team. Animal euthanized and taken back to UNCW for necropsy - Frying Pan Shoals04_Stranding