Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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WoodchuckGaston2023-09-25Eric Johnson1Grays/tans associated with groundhogs. Well formed, fluffy tail, claws typical of groundhog. - In our driveway, across the road from Duharts Creek in Gastonia, NC. Taken through storm door.photo02_Photo
Southern Short-tailed ShrewPitt2023-04-14Jeremy Lee Jones1Brown with a pointy nose and a short tail. Picture on a standard post it note. Found dead on the porch most likely killed by outside cat. - 2020 big oak rd Robersonville nc 27871, pitt countyphoto02_Photo
CoyoteMoore2023-08-21Terrell Tucker1Photo - Aberdeen, NCphoto02_Photo
Jumping Mouse unidentified speciesAshe2023-09-10Carrie Council1See photo.photo02_Photo
Sowerby's Beaked Whale_north_offshore0000-00-00Todd Pusser5Pusser considers the species unmistakable in the field, from his e-mail to LeGrand dated 28 August 2023. His sighting was in July 1998. - "about 100 miles off Corolla". There are also echolocation records in NC waters north of Hatteras.05_Sight
WoodchuckHarnett2023-05-28Paul Hart1Brown, chunky body. Standing erect on haunches when first observed. Ran into the woods from grassy area, and bushy, flattened tail observed. First known sighting at this park. - Cape Fear Shiner County Park05_Sight
Southern Flying SquirrelNew Hanover2023-07-22Peter R. Olson1Obvious - Tibbys Branchphoto02_Photo
Silver-haired BatEdgecombe2023-05-17Theresa Wetzel, Jacob Coleman1Black fur with silver tips. - 35.99735/-77.54163photo02_Captured
Seminole BatCumberland2023-04-25Gary Jordan (USFWS)22 adult females, mahogany color fur on back, mask across face, FA=43 and 44mm, Wt=12.0 and 11.5g - Trail on north side of Jessups Pond within Suggs Mill Pond Game Landphoto02_Captured
Red SquirrelHaywood2023-06-08Donna CathcartOne Very small, red, eating suet at my feeders I got a photo but not clear will try again I have greys, browns and then this tiny little guy - Johnathon Creek Waynesville07_Sign wo/photo
Red SquirrelBurke2023-06-13Carl and Annette Nielsen 2Small red squirrel frequently seen on our back porch. It's quite vocal when another red squirrel is nearby. The light color around the eye is prominently visable. - Gingercake Road05_Sight
Golden MouseHenderson2022-08-21Andrew W. Jones1Golden pelage and white feet Observed the individual 6 feet up a large Spicebush (Lindera benzoin) while I was hiking on a wet night. The observation is a year old, but I just now discovered the NC Biodiversity Project. - Florence Nature Preserve 35.4741457, -82.3318850 photo02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelJohnston2023-07-16Gary Lohr1Large squirrel, black mask, white nose, darker fur on back and through tail - 8693 old Beulah Road03_Roadkill
Brown RatForsyth2023-04-09Killed by cat1Brown, rounded head, naked tail - Kernersville area. Rural photo02_Photo
Nine-banded ArmadilloCherokee2023-08-06Lisa Gatens and Macy Krishnamoorthy1Distinct exterior armor, still easily recognizable though dor. - It was on the side of hwy 74 in Crane Creek, just north of Old Murphy Rd.02_Photo
Eastern Gray SquirrelWake2023-06-13Jim Burnette snd othersSeveralSee photo. We have seen as many as four at one time beneath our bird feeders around the property. - Hayes Barton Square Apartments, Carroll Drive, Raleigh, NCphoto02_Photo
Red WolfHyde2023-06-11Mark Shields1Radio-collared female - Pungo Unit, Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refugephoto02_Photo
North American River OtterBrunswick2023-06-02Caroline C Quinn3Assuming I saw a mother otter and two pups. She was much bigger and much more adept at catching fish. They fished for a while and then went back to a dense wetland area. I have more photos if interested. - Small pond in St James, NC The address of the pond is 4455 Regency Crossing, St James, NC 28461. The pond is beside a community garden and a large wetland area.photo02_Photo
Marsh RabbitOrange2022-07-01Jin Bai1I didn't see any white fur on its tail. More pictures from different angles can be seen in my iNaturalist observation below. - Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Chapel Hill.photo02_Photo
Hispid Cotton RatOrange2023-06-07NikkiSeveralRounded ears, long tail, larger than a mouse, white abdomen - 36.17513° N, 78.98789° Wphoto02_Photo
Silver-haired BatEdgecombe2023-05-17Theresa Wetzel, Jacob Coleman1Black fur with silver tips. - 35.99735/-77.54163photo02_Captured
Eastern Gray SquirrelRobeson2023-05-19Kevin and Lori Edwards 1Not sure if this is a red tailed squirrel. I have more pics if needed. It’s tail is light red and much longer than the other squirrels we have on our property. We also have a red-cockaded woodpecker, but he takes off before I can get a pic. - Parkton North Carolina photo02_Photo
Hispid Cotton RatNew Hanover2023-05-13Cooper Rains910-200-23Large rodent, brown with back of darker coloring. Too large and plump for any other rat or mouse species I can think of in this area. - Fort Fisher Basin Trail in Kure Beachphoto02_Photo
Tricolored BatRutherford2023-04-22J. Thomson1About 2 inches long - Gneiss Cave ceiling, Chimney Rock photo02_Photo
Southeastern BatCumberland2023-04-25Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Base of belly fur jet black, orange/brown fur elsewhere, FA=39mm, wt=8.5g, adult female - Trail on north side of Jessups Pond within Suggs Mill Pond Game Landphoto02_Captured
Eastern Gray SquirrelCherokee2023-04-04K BlattSeveralBuff patches on belly - Murphy photo02_Photo
WoodchuckMoore2023-03-28Jessie Schillaci1standing still looking at highway about 5 feet from the road. Saw larger head than squirrel and overall appearance, size and the fact that I have been in Sandhills working with Wildlife for 25 years on Fort Bragg and NEVER seen one in this area before. - east side of US1, just south of the Moss foundation05_Sight
WoodchuckLee2023-04-21Paul Hart, Mary Stevens1Standing on back legs near the edge of the road. Long, chunky body with brown fur with yellowish highlights. Short ears. - US 421 near intersection of Cox Mill Road.05_Sight
Eastern Red BatOrange2023-04-20Marshall Michener1Notable at noon looking orangish body with dark wings. It was slowly flying circles around a small pond, possibly scared out by a birder walking the shore. - Brumley Nature Preserve (North)photo02_Photo
Golden MouseJackson2023-02-19Aimee Rockhill6Size, color, measurements Captured and measured to confirm - Found nested up in a garden bag at home. Mica Ridge in Sylvaphoto02_Photo