Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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Eastern CottontailHarnett2024-06-07Paul Hart1White tail ventrally, long ears, light brownish fur - Cape Fear Shiner County Parkphoto02_Photo
Red FoxGaston2024-05-26Megan T1Red coat, so as not to be confused with grey fox - Belmont, paradise point neighborhoodphoto02_Photo
Hispid Cotton RatBrunswick2024-05-11Ernie McLaney4Small brown rodent, 5" to 8" long. Somewhat short tail. Short legs. Rounded ears that stand out from body. Hangs around under bird feeders and "tunnels" through mulch and pine needles. Have seen them here for over a year. - St. James, North Carolina. Brunswick Countyphoto02_Photo
Least WeaselJackson2024-04-16Nora Kelly1small, brown, white underbelly, white feet, round ears - Cullowhee, NCphoto02_Photo
Hispid Cotton RatChatham2024-05-19Michael Cross2Based on picture, did a Google search and got a match - Briar Chapel neighborhood, North Chatham county photo02_Photo
Virginia OpossumMoore2024-04-02Terrell Tucker1 Game camera photo - 109 rush street Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Northern Short-tailed ShrewMcDowell2024-04-04Linda Carter1Small black rodent, short tail. Looked up photos and compared. I have saved and frozen the little shrew. - 1175 West Payne Road Marion NCphoto02_Photo
CoyoteMoore2024-04-15Terrell Tucker 1Game camera Images - North of Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen NCphoto02_Photo
Evening BatCumberland2024-03-26Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Adult male, FA=34mm, Wt=6.75g, blunt tragus, prominent glands on muzzle, strong odor - Trail on north side of Jessups Pond on Suggs Mill Pond Game Land. photo02_Captured
BobcatMoore2024-03-25Terrell Tucker1Game camera photo - Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Red FoxJohnston0000-00-00Abbi McKann 2Somewhat larger than a cat. Not sure of color but lightish (I'm colorblind). Big bushy tail. Saw a pair in spring 2023. Saw individuals on several occasions, often on rural dirt road. - Archer lodge05_Sight
Blarina unidentified speciesOrange2022-04-03John Petranka1A short-tailed Shrew. I cannot determine which species it is. - Hollow Rock Nature Park, Pickett Road edges. New Hope Creek Biodiversity Surveyphoto02_Photo
Blarina unidentified speciesOrange2022-04-01John Petranka1Shrew with a short tail. I am not able to determine which species of Short-tailed Shrew it is. - Hollow Rock Nature Preserve, west of Pickett Road, Loop Trail. New Hope Creek Biodiversity Surveyphoto02_Photo
Blarina unidentified speciesOrange2023-03-21David George1Well, I'm pretty sure it is Blarina, but far less confident about the species. It was rustling around under the leaves and I had to wait for a while until it popped out. - Brumley Forest Northphoto02_Photo
Eastern WoodratPolk2024-03-09Andrew W. Jones1Long tail; Short stocky body,Large eyes; It's midden can be seen in the background of the photo. I have more trail cam photos of the individual, as well as daylight photos of the midden, if they are desired or needed. - Caitlyn Farms/White Oak Creek Wildlife Management Area. 35.311876, -82.132905photo02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelRockingham2024-03-13E. Corey1Small adult fox squirrel, with white nose, more reddish color overall, seen crossing the road. First observation for the county. - Mayo River State Park, Deshazo Road Access05_Sight
American BeaverMoore2024-03-20Terrell Tucker1Game camera photo - Pages lake at Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
American BeaverAnson2022-10-23Becky Dill1Flat tail, brown pelt, size - Roadkill on SR 1801, Haileys Ferry Road, South of Lilesville. Road runs between multiple quarry ponds. Lat 34.939137 Long -79.948013 INaturalist observation here:
North American River OtterMoore2024-03-07Terrell Tucker 3Game camera photos - Paige's lake at Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Common Minke Whale_Currituck_inshore2024-03-05The Virginian Pilot1 - Corolla 4x4 access, 2 miles north of paved road01_Collection
Short-beaked Common Dolphin_north_offshore2024-02-26B. Patteson, D. Irons, E. Corey500Distinctive small/medium dolphins with characteristic saddleback pattern, traveling in several separate "herds" - Offshore of Cape Hatteras, roughly 3000' of waterphoto02_Photo
Eastern Red BatOrange2024-03-03David George, Becky Watkins2Red color, size, white patches - Carolina North Forestphoto02_Photo
American BeaverMoore2024-03-02Terrell Tucker 2Game camera photo - WEWO beaver pond area Southern pines North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Striped SkunkHoke2024-02-26Rex Badgett1Roadkill. - On 15-501 near the Moore County line. photo02_Photo
White-tailed DeerMoore2024-02-17Terrell Tucker 1Game camera photo - Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
North American River OtterMoore2024-02-17Terrell Tucker 1Game camera photoGame camera photo - Pages lake at Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelMoore2024-02-16Terrell Tucker 1Photo - Cross country lane southern pines North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Common RaccoonMoore2024-02-17Terrell Tucker 1Game camera photoGame camera photo - Weymouth woods state park Beaver pond areaphoto02_Photo
Common RaccoonMoore2024-02-14Terrell Tucker 1Game camera photo - Aberdeen lake park Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Virginia OpossumMoore2024-01-13Terrell Tucker 1 Photo - Rush street Aberdeen North Carolinaphoto02_Photo