Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Union County

Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2017-07-26Michele Hunt and Martha BlakeOneAround 1:30 pm on Wednesday July 26 a brown otter found its way into my neighbors fenced in yard. We noticed because it was chased by her dogs. We contained the dogs and the otter was able to squeeze through the fence wire and retreat to the field behind our houses. - An otter got into the fenced yard of Michele Hunt and her dogs were chasing it. I helped her get contain her dogs.05_Sight
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2011-03-08George Andrews3Kayaking at 10:30 AM on a clear, windy, and cool day, I was using a lake point for a windbreak when I spotted three otters nearing the point from the main lake side. As they rounded the point, they spotted me and immediately dove, surfacing moments later in different areas, two of them hissing/barking for a short time before continuing their travels into the cove. - Cane Creek Park lake (Union County)photo02_Photo