Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Clay County

Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2020-03-28Jeffrey M. Weiss and Rebecca E. Byrd1green eye shine in flashlights. eyes approximately 1-2 inches apart and small. then the mammal was illuminated with bright headlamp while viewed through 10x42 Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision binoculars by both parties. Brown Mustelid with white chest, neck, and front legs. Face, head, ears medium brown. Small pointed muzzle with binocular vision, weasel ears, and about 1 foot long or slightly more. Frozen on downed rhododendron branch, watching us pass by, but moving its head and looking around. Unmistakeable. One observer has seen this species before in Georgia running across a road. - 40 feet from edge of walking trail (old roadbed closed to motorized vehicles) behind closed gate at dirt parking area at SE end of Eagle Fork Terrace, Shooting Creek, NC, 2890405_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel1995-07-03Harry LeGrand2Two, apparently adults, seen chasing each other across the road, at 9:30 am. Long, thin tails seen. - Along FSR 350 -- Buck Creek Rd.05_Sight