Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Granville County

Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2014-05-30Dawn Hymel and Robin Aslup110 pm tonight. It was running from the woods on North side and went across the road to the south side, I stopped the car and had my lights on it and he stopped and turned and looked at us and then running into woods. Was not a baby or fully grown.Came within 25 feet of car and glad I saw him or I might have hit him. - Hugh Davis Road in Granville County. Just as you go from Franklin county into Granville County around the first curve, at 10 pm tonight the bear was running from North side of road to the other side.05_Sight
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2008-05-27Greg and Susan Benner, submitted by Derek Hudgins1; found searching the internet, no personal connection to sighting - Brassfield subdivision near Creedmoor05_Sight