Mammals of North Carolina:
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American Mink - Neovison vison
Mustelidae Members:
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Photo by: SBW, FKW
Distribution In NC, it occurs essentially statewide, though there are very few records for the extreme southern Coastal Plain.

Occurs over most of the North American continent, north of Mexico, though it is absent over portions of some Southern states.
Abundance This is not a scarce species in the state, but it is infrequently seen, and roadkills are also infrequent. Thus, it is best stated to be uncommon over most of the state, though fairly common at least locally in some northern coastal areas. Seemingly rare in the southeastern counties .
Seasonal Occurrence Occurs year-round.
Habitat Minks are well-known to be semi-aquatic, and generally occur very close to lake and pond shores, river/creek margins, swamps, and even estuaries. They also occur in marshes. They are seldom seen in upland situations.
See also Habitat Account for General Waters and Shorelines
Behavior They are mostly nocturnal, though they can be occasionally seen during the day. They swim quite well.
Comments Because of their mostly nocturnal habits, Minks are certainly more numerous than most people would assume. Even so, observations are infrequent, though the iNaturalist website does have between 35-40 photographs that are considered to be "Research Grade" (as of early 2022).
Origin Native
NC List Official
State Rank S4
State Status
Global Rank G5
Federal Status
subspecies Neovison vison vison, Neovison vison mink

Neovison v. vison occurs in the mountains and possibly the foothills, whereas N. v. mink occurs over the remainder of the state.
other_comName Mink, North American Mink
synonym Mustela vison
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