Hoppers of North Carolina:
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3 records for Graphocephala versuta Scotland County

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Graphocephala versutaVersute Sharpshooter119632020-08-26 1Adult?day04_iNaturalist
Graphocephala versutaVersute Sharpshooter119632018-04-18Tracy S. Feldman1I did collect this one. - unid_leafhopperSt. Andrews University7-9 AMCeltis laevigata01_Photo
I did collect this one. - unid_leafhopper
Graphocephala versutaVersute Sharpshooter119632018-04-10Tracy S. Feldman1I did not collect this one. - unid_leafhopperSt. Andrews University, Laurinburg, NClate afternoonWisteria floribunda01_Photo
I did not collect this one. - unid_leafhopper