Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
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7 records for Oncometopia orbona Carteret County

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Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512021-07-05 2AdultCape Point Dr, Harkers Islanddaymilkweed04_iNaturalist
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512020-07-08 1AdultNewportday04_iNaturalist
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512019-06-23 1AdultBogue Banks, Atlantic Beachday04_iNaturalist
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512019-02-27J. Bolling Sullivan1Adultmaritime shrub, Ft. Macon SPFOMA11_Collection
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512017-04-18Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn2Fort Macon SPFOMAday; sweepnetting02_Sight
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512014-04-15Brian Bockhahn1Fort Macon State ParkFOMA02_Sight
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512008-07-22Dorothy E. Pugh5FOMA - Saw these in a group on one plant in the vegetation around the fort. There was one late-instar nymph. When I tried to photograph it, an adult moved next to the nymph and put one leg over it.FOMA01_Photo