Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
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6 records for Oncometopia orbona Warren County

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Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512015-05-19Paul Scharf1Caught sweepingLake Gaston1151 AM01_Photo
Caught sweeping
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512014-04-04L. Amos1KELA - County LineKELA01_Photo
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512013-10-06Paul Scharf 1NYMPH, Spotted on Unknown Plant StemLake Gaston1008 AM01_Photo
NYMPH, Spotted on Unknown Plant Stem
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512012-06-12 Paul Scharf1Female , White pouch is wax she secretes to protect her eggs. Caught while sweepingLake Gaston1347 PM01_Photo
Female , White pouch is wax she secrets to protect her eggs. Caught while sweeping
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512012-06-07Paul Scharf 1Nymph, Caught sweepingLake Gaston0730 AM01_Photo
Nymph, Caught sweeping
Oncometopia orbonaBroad-headed Sharpshooter80512012-05-27 Paul Scharf1NYNPH, Caught SweepingLake Gaston1412 PM01_Photo
NYNPH, Caught Sweeping