Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
    20 records for Catonia carolina
Bladen1994-09-17North Carolina State University Insect Collection10.3 mi N., Rt. 242, Nr. Elizabethtown2015-12-16 21:34:0611_Collection
Brunswick2006-08-19University of Delaware15Bald Head Island, 47 Fort Holmes Trail2015-12-16 21:35:4011_Collection
Brunswick2006-09-17University of Delaware1Bald Head Island, 47 Fort Holmes Trail2015-12-16 21:36:0511_Collection
Buncombe1919-08-08North Carolina State University Insect Collection1Swannanoa2015-12-16 21:33:0911_Collection
Carteret2013-10-05University of Delaware1Emerald Isle, beach dunes2015-12-16 21:36:3011_Collection
Gates2014-09-20Kyle Kittelberger, Paul Scharf3open, grassy area near mixed hardwood forestVisitor CenterMEMI2015-06-13 01:30:34found at night, attracted with a light02_Sight
Guilford2011-08-14 1Greensboro2015-12-16 21:25:2703_BugGuide
Onslow2019-07-30Mark Shields1AdultHolly Ridge2019-08-01 20:42:159:30 pm; attracted to white LED and UV lights01_Photo
Rockingham2014-09-11Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahnxgrassy area near mixed hardwood forest and a pondMayo River SPMARI2015-04-07 15:19:04found at night, attracted with a light01_Photo
Rockingham2015-09-09Kyle Kittelberger, Paul Scharf, Brian Bockhahn3attracted at night with a lightMayo River SPMARI2017-04-06 12:24:41night02_Sight
Rockingham2017-09-13Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn2Mayo River SPMARI2017-09-23 10:18:46night, attracted with a light02_Sight
Wake1934-08-14North Carolina State University Insect Collection2Raleigh2015-12-16 21:33:3511_Collection
Wake2000-07-24University of Delaware1Wendell2015-12-16 21:34:4411_Collection
Wake2014-09-09Kyle Kittelberger2open habitat near mixed hardwood forest edge; on a lawnnear Falls LakeFALA2015-04-06 18:34:37found at night, attracted with a light01_Photo
Wake2014-10-03Kyle Kittelberger1near mixed hardwood forest habitatnear Falls LakeFALA2015-07-25 04:21:06found at night, attracted with a light02_Sight
Warren2012-08-10 Paul ScharfSeveralThese are fairly common in Aug and are attracted to the Black Light. However, a facial photo is required for positive ID. Several observed and photographed 12 & 13 Aug 2013Lake Gaston2014-10-07 10:47:500712 AM01_Photo
Warren2013-08-29Paul Scharf 1Attracted to Black LightLake Gaston2017-10-18 09:37:260535 AM01_Photo
Warren2013-08-31Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf4mixed hardwood, open forest near lake edgeHubquarter, at Lake Gaston2014-10-07 10:47:50found at night, attracted with lights01_Photo
Warren2013-10-04Paul Scharf1Attracted to Black lightLake Gaston2014-10-07 10:47:502154 PM01_Photo
Warren2014-09-17Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf1open grassy area within mixed hardwood forest habitatCounty Line ParkKELA2015-05-31 14:17:35found at night, attracted with a light02_Sight