Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
    8 records for Athysanus argentarius Silver Leafhopper
Ashe1997-06-13University of Delaware11 mi W of Clifton at Jct. CR1267 & SR882014-10-18 02:03:1411_Collection
Avery2015-06-17Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf1open area near mixed hardwood forestYellow Mountain cabinYEMO2015-09-08 18:37:22found at night, attracted with a light02_Sight
Avery2015-06-19Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf3grassy, brushy field-type habitat in old christmas tree farmMolly's RidgeYEMO2017-10-30 13:35:39found during the day, caught while sweepnetting02_Sight
Avery2015-06-19Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf8grassy, brushy habitat and forest edge/interiorSugar Mountain BogSUMO2015-09-29 11:49:30found during the day, caught while sweeping02_Sight
Caldwell2015-06-17Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf3found during the day, caught while sweepingGreen Mountain Overlook, elev. 4134, Blue Ridge Parkway2015-09-08 16:24:40found during the day, caught while sweeping01_Photo
Haywood2004-07-15University of Delaware1GSMNP, AHSLC at Cataloochee2014-10-18 02:03:4211_Collection
Haywood2004-07-28University of Delaware1GSMNP, Purchase Knob ATBI House at Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center2014-10-18 02:04:0811_Collection
Out Of State2012-06-20 Paul Scharf1Attracted to LightEndicott New York2014-10-19 07:47:040720 AM01_Photo