Hoppers of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers
    6 records for Erythroneura rosa
New Hanover2021-09-25 Erich Hofmann1AdultFairfield Park, Wilmington2021-09-26 09:04:10Night - attracted by outdoor lighting01_Photo
Out Of State2017-06-23Ken Childs1var. repetitaTN2018-01-18 12:34:3701_Photo
Out Of State2018-09-24Ken Childs1AdultTN2018-10-05 22:15:1001_Photo
Out Of State2018-09-30Ken Childs1AdultTN2018-10-05 22:19:0901_Photo
Vance2014-09-17Kyle Kittelberger, Paul Scharf3mostly brushy vegetation consisting of willows, etc., on shore of lake; some grass as wellSatterwhite PointKELA2015-05-27 13:22:43found during the day while sweepnettingfound on black willow (Salix nigra)01_Photo
Warren2015-05-12Paul Scharf, B Bockhahn, L. Amos1Form "mallochi" Attracted to UV LightCounty Line State Park ( Kerr Lake)KELA2015-05-27 06:56:472300 PM01_Photo