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Erythroneura nudata - No Common Name

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Family: CICADELLIDAESubfamily: TyphlocybinaeTribe: Erythroneurini
Taxonomic Author: (McAtee, 1920)
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Description: A yellowish-white species with a thin reddish-orange color pattern. The vertex has divergent orange parallel submedial lines, often with lateral branch; the vertex midline is pale. The face and thoracic venter are entirely pale. The pronotum has thin Y- or V-shaped medial vitta with an orange straight line on each lateral margin. The mesonotum is pale with dark lateral triangles; the apex is dark, contrasting with adjacent pale areas. The thin orange markings on the wings are broken, and there is a dark spot on the costal margin. Adults are 2.8-3.1 mm long. (Dmitriev & Dietrich, 2007)

See 3I for images of pinned specimens.

Distribution in North Carolina
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Distribution: Eastern and central North America (3I)
Abundance: Recorded from a couple counties in the mountains and Coastal Plain; likely more abundant in the right habitat.
Seasonal Occurrence
Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Woodlands
Plant Associates: Vitis sp., Cercis canadensis, Aesculus sp., Cornus sp., Lonicera sp., Quercus alba, Quercus rubra, Acer sp., Ulmus alata, among others. (3I)
Behavior: Can be attracted at night with a light.
Comment: E. nudata is closest in appearance to E. acuticephala. Both species have essentially the same color pattern, but in nudata the lines are noticeably thinner than in acuticephala (especially on the wings). The clavical lines also have more of a hook-shape to their tips near the middle of the wings, in nudata; in acuticephala, the tips are more block-shaped.
Status: Native
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