Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Bracken Fern - Pteridium aquilinum   (L.) Kuhn
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Section 2 » Order Polypodiales » Family Dennstaedtiaceae
Author(L.) Kuhn
DistributionThe long-known Pteridium aquilinum has been split, controversally, into two species in recent years. However, the distributions of P. latiusculum and P. pseudocaudatum are not yet resolved in NC. Weakley (2018) shows that the former occurs mostly in the mountains and Piedmont, while the latter occurs statewide but is mainly found in the Coastal Plain. Herbarium work is needed. Because the editors are not aware of detailed information about which specimens/records belong to which of these two "new" species, it seems imperative to present the known range of P. aquilinum on the map below. Certainly, "Pteridium aquilinum" is found in all counties of the state.
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