Vascular Plants of North Carolina
100 Most Recent Photos
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Osmorhiza claytoniiHairy Sweet-cicelyB.A. SorrieMount Toby, Franklin County, MA. 1980s. Scan from slide. S5 (S5)
Lilaeopsis chinensisEastern GrasswortB.A. SorrieWareham, Plymouth County, MA, fresh tidal river. 1980s. Scan from slide. S3? (S3? [S3S4])
Eryngium aquaticumMarsh EryngoB.A. SorrieSt. Marks NWR, FL, 1996. Scan from slide.S3S4 (S3S4)
Angelica venenosaHairy AngelicaB.A. SorrieLeaf from same plant at Richmond Co. Piedmont. S5 (S5)
Angelica venenosaHairy AngelicaB.A. SorrieLarge plant from Piedmont of Richmond Co. 13 July 2023. S5 (S5)
Angelica venenosaHairy AngelicaB.A. SorrieFort Bragg, loamy sandy flat, 1994. Small plant of Sandhills province. Scan from slide.S5 (S5)
Sambucus canadensisCommon ElderberryB.A. SorrieWet roadside ditch, Niagara-Carthage Road at Little River. 30 May 2008. S5 (S5)
Solidago glomerataClustered GoldenrodB.A. SorrieGrandfather Mountain, shortly below summit. 18 June 2023. S3 (S3)
Silphium compositum var. compositumCarolina RosinweedB.A. SorrieRichmond Co., same data.S5 (S5)
Silphium compositum var. compositumCarolina RosinweedB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, longleaf pine-wiregrass N of McKinney Lake. 14 Aug 2011. S5 (S5)
Silphium dentatumToothed RosinweedBA SorriePiedmont of Moore, area of Iredell Soil E of Carbonton Road. 9 July 2018.S3 (S3)
Silphium asteriscus var. asteriscusStarry RosinweedB.A. SorriePiedmont, Carbonton Road N of Haw Branch Road. 9 July 2018.S3? (S3? [S4])
Rudbeckia laciniata var. laciniataCommon Cutleaf ConeflowerB.A. SorrieBlue Ridge Parkway, 26 Aug 2014. S5 ([S5])
Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrimaBlack-eyed SusanB.A. SorrieRoadside clearing, NC 211 just E of Aberdeen. 4 July 2021.S5 (S5)
Rudbeckia fulgidaOrange ConeflowerB.A. SorriePiedmont, in narrow powerline. 13 Oct 2018. Not keyed to subspecies or var.S4 (S4 [S5])
Parthenium integrifolium var. mabryanumMabry's Wild QuinineB.A. SorrieHoke Co., var. mabryanum, Calloway Preserve. June 2015. S3 (S3)
Parthenium integrifolium var. integrifoliumCommon Wild QuinineB.A. SorrieMoore Co., same data.S5 (S5)
Parthenium integrifolium var. integrifoliumCommon Wild QuinineB.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside of Wadsworth Road. 17 May 2015.S5 (S5)
Mikania scandensClimbing HempweedB.A. SorriePowerline near seasonal creek, tributary of Little River. 1 Sept 2009.S5 (S5)
Ionactis linariifoliaStiff AsterB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, longleaf pine-wiregrass upland. 11 Oct 2009. S5 (S5)
Lycopodiella inundataNorthern Bog ClubmossOwen CarsonBurke Co.S1 (S1)
Lycopodiella inundataNorthern Bog ClubmossOwen CarsonBurke Co.S1 (S1)
Helianthus resinosusResindot SunflowerB.A. SorrieWadsworth Road near creek crossing. 8 Aug 2020. S3? (S3? [S3])
Helianthus divaricatusWoodland SunflowerB.A. SorrieEdge of woods, NC 205 E of Polk Mountain. 18 June 2010. S5 (S5)
Helianthus decapetalusThinleaf SunflowerB.A. SorrieMoore Co., same data.S4 (S4 [S5])
Helianthus decapetalusThinleaf SunflowerB.A. SorriePiedmont, Cabin Creek at Pine Grove Ch. Rd. 8 Sept 2019. Flower head to right is Rudbeckia laciniata. S4 (S4 [S5])
Helianthus atrorubensPurpledisk SunflowerB.A. SorrieAnson Co., same data. S5 (S5)
Helianthus atrorubensPurpledisk SunflowerB.A. SorrieMesic roadside SR 1634. 2 Sept 2009. S5 (S5)
Helianthus angustifoliusNarrowleaf SunflowerB.A. SorriePee Dee NWR, roadside esge of woods. 29 Sept 2014. S5 (S5)
Eutrochium purpureum var. carolinianumDowny Sweet Joe-pye-weedB.A. SorrieRoadside bank, NC 742 SE of Lane Creek, late June 2011. This is var. carolinianum.S2 ([S2])
Erechtites hieraciifoliaAmerican BurnweedB.A. SorrieMoist roadside near Whispering Pines. Aug 2017. S5 (S5)
Conoclinium coelestinumBlue MistflowerB.A. SorrieOpening in floodplain forest, Brown Creek N of US 74, Polkton. 2 Oct 2009. S5 (S5)
Chrysogonum virginianumNorthern Green-and-goldB.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside. 3 Apr 2016.S5 (S5)
Chaptalia tomentosaWoolly SunbonnetsB.A. SorrieSame data, SGL. S4 (S4)
Chaptalia tomentosaWoolly SunbonnetsB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, streamhead ecotone near Watson Road. 21 March 2021. S4 (S4)
Brickellia eupatorioidesFalse Boneset B.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, loamy sand soil. 1 Nov 2009. S5 (S5 [S4S5])
Borrichia frutescensSea OxeyeB.A. SorrieMaritime Wet Grassland, S of old Coast Guard Station. 27 June 2013.S4 (S4)
Bigelowia nudata var. nudataPineland Rayless-goldenrodB.A. SorrieSame data, Pender Co. S4 (S4)
Bigelowia nudata var. nudataPineland Rayless-goldenrodB.A. SorrieWet savanna, Holly Shelter Game Land. 1995. S4 (S4)
Baccharis halimifoliaGroundsel-treeB.A. SorriePiedmont, beside Cool Springs Road. 30 Oct 2015.S5 (S5)
Arnica acaulisCommon LeopardbaneB.A. SorrieSame data, Cumberland Co. S3S4 (S3S4 [S4])
Arnica acaulisCommon LeopardbaneB.A. Sorriepowerline beside SR 2022, S of Stedman. 8 May 2017.S3S4 (S3S4 [S4])
Antennaria parlinii ssp. parliniiParlin's PussytoesB.A. SorrieLittle Park, in powerline. Upper surface of leaves glabrous. 28 June 2023. S2S3 (S2S3)
Achillea gracilisAmerican YarrowB.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside. 17 May 2015.S5 (S5)
Triodanis perfoliataClasping Venus's-looking-glassB.A. SorrieMargin of Flatrock Church granite outcrop. 21 Apr 2010. S5 (S5)
Melampyrum lineareNarrowleaf Cow-wheatB.A. SorrieTable Rock. 1 July 2020. S4 (S4)
Epifagus virginianaBeechdropsB.A. SorriePiedmont, under beech. 18 Feb 2018.S5 (S5)
Castilleja coccineaScarlet Indian-paintbrushB.A. SorrieDry powerline, Buckhorn Road. 26 Apr 2002. Scan from slide. S3 (S3 [S4])
Buchnera americanaAmerican BlueheartsB.A. SorriePhoto_non_NC Co.S1 (S1)
Buchnera americanaAmerican BlueheartsB.A. SorriePhoto_non_NC Co.S1 (S1)
Aphyllon uniflorumOne-flowered Cancer-rootB.A. SorriePiedmont, vertical ledge W of NC 22 bridge, High Falls. 15 Apr 2017. S3 (S3 [S4])
Mimulus alatusSharpwing Monkey-flowerB.A. SorrieSame data. Richmond Co.S4 (S4 [S5])
Mimulus alatusSharpwing Monkey-flowerB.A. SorrieEast-west gasline just E of Pee Dee River, N of I-74 bridge. 23 Aug 2016. S4 (S4 [S5])
Salvia urticifoliaNettleleaf SageB.A. SorrieSame data, Union Co.S3 (S3 [S3S4])
Salvia urticifoliaNettleleaf SageB.A. SorrieDry-mesic Oak-Hickory woodland on slope above New Salem Creek. 26 Apr 2011. S3 (S3 [S3S4])
Salvia lyrataLyreleaf Sage B.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside ditch, NC route 22 at High Falls. 16 Apr 2017. S5 (S5)
Pycnanthemum tenuifoliumSlender Mountain-mintB.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside of NC 24/27 W of Carthage. 9 July 2018. S5 (S5)
Pycnanthemum pycnanthemoidesSouthern Mountain-mintB.A. SorrieFort Bragg, mesic flatwoods along NC 690. 9 Oct 2012. S4? (S4?)
Pycnanthemum muticumClustered Mountain-mintB.A. SorriePiedmont, Pine Grove Road at Cabin Creek. Semi-opening with Rudbeckia laciniata. 6 Sept 2019. S4? (S4? [S4])
Pycnanthemum incanumHoary Mountain-mintB.A. SorrieMorrow Mountain SP, mafic powerline W of Falls Road. 16 July 2009. S4 (S4 [S3?])
Pycnanthemum flexuosumSavanna Mountain-mint B.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, moist upper ecotone of streamhead. 8 June 2009. S5 (S5)
Prunella vulgarisCommon SelfhealB.A. SorrieBlue Ridge Parkway. 26 Aug 2014. Var. lanceolata. S5 (S5)
Monarda punctataSpotted BeebalmB.A. SorrieMorrow Mountain SP, opening in woods. 3 Sept 2007. S4 (S4 [S5])
Hyptis alataClustered BushmintB.A. SorrieSame data, Pender Co.S3 (S3)
Hyptis alataClustered BushmintB.A. SorrieShaken Creek Savanna. 13 Aug 2014.S3 (S3)
Cunila origanoidesAmerican DittanyB.A. SorrieDry woods, Cane Creek County Park. Sept 2010. S5 (S5)
Callicarpa americanaAmerican BeautyberryB.A. SorrieDisturbed roadside, Slate Circle. 29 Sept 2013. S5 (S5)
Blephilia ciliataDowny WoodmintB.A. SorriePiedmont, Iredell Soil area E of carbonton Road and S of RR. 6 June 2015. S3? (S3? [S3S4])
Agastache scrophulariifoliaPurple Giant-hyssopB.A. SorrieSame data. Watauga County.S3 (S3)
Agastache scrophulariifoliaPurple Giant-hyssopB.A. SorrieBlue Ridge Parkway. 26 Aug 2014. S3 (S3)
Verbena urticifoliaWhite VervainB.A. SorriePiedmont, moist dirt road at base of rocky slope, N of I-74. S5 (S5)
Verbena simplexNarrowleaf VervainB.A. Sorriesame plant, same data.S2S3 (S2S3)
Verbena simplexNarrowleaf VervainB.A. SorriePiedmont, Iredell Soil area E of Carbonton Road. 28 May 2016. S2S3 (S2S3)
Verbena carneaCarolina VervainB.A. SorrieSame plant, same data. S3 (S3)
Verbena carneaCarolina VervainB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, Block Y, loamy soil trough. 31 May 2021. S3 (S3)
Phyla nodifloraSawtooth Frogfruit B.A. SorrieCarolina Beach SP, moist depression. 30 Sept 2017.S3 (S3 [S4])
Campsis radicansTrumpet-creeperB.A. SorrieRoadside, Marston. 9 June 2016.S5 (S5)
Bignonia capreolataCrossvineB.A. SorrieRoadside thicket, Fish Road. 22 Apr 2010. S5 (S5)
Phoradendron leucarpumAmerican MistletoeB.A. SorrieOn Red Maple, W end of Thagard Lake, Whispering Pines. 28 Sept 2023.S5 (S5)
Lindernia dubiaYellowseed False-pimpernelB.A. SorriePond on N side NC 84, Wesley Chapel. 20 July 2010. S4 (S4 [S5])
Lindernia anagallideaLongstalk False-pimpernel B.A. SorrieRoadside wet spot, NC 75, Houston. 20 July 2010. S5 (S5)
Veronica peregrinaPurslane SpeedwellB.A. SorrieWhispering Pines, fallow field. 29 Apr 2015.S5 (S5)
Sophronanthe pilosaShaggy Hedge-hyssopB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, streamhead ecotone. 28 June 2015. S4 (S4 [S5])
Plantago virginicaVirginia PlantainB.A. SorriePiedmont, dirt/gravel logging road off Underwood Road. 11 Apr 2015. S5 (S5)
Plantago rugeliiBlackseed PlantainB.A. SorriePiedmont, roadside of Kelly Plantation Road. 25 May 2015.S5 (S5)
Plantago aristataLarge-bracted PlantainB.A. SorrieWhispering Pines, edge of driveway. May 2015.S5 (S5)
Penstemon laevigatusEastern Smooth BeardtongueB.A. SorriePiedmont, Glendon-Carthage Road N of Farmer Road, single-pole powerline. 10 May 2017.S5 (S5)
Penstemon australisEustis Lake BeardtongueB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, dry longleaf pine-wiregrass. 2010. S4 (S4)
Mecardonia acuminataAxilflowerB.A. SorriePiedmont, Iredell Soil area just S of RR and E of Carbonton Road. 27 Aug 2015.S4 (S4)
Linaria canadensisCanada ToadflaxB.A. SorrieFallow field. 25 Apr 2012. S5 (S5)
Gratiola virginianaRoundfruit Hedge-hyssopB.A. SorrieSwampy woods S of Dr. Sorrell Road. 20 Apr 2008. S4 (S4 [S5])
Gratiola neglectaClammy Hedge-hyssopB.A.SorrieTributary of Brown Creek, SE of SR 1637. 13 May 2010. S3 (S3 [S4])
Chelone glabraWhite TurtleheadB.A. Sorriewet roadside, Samarcand Road N of NC 211. 21 Sept 2020. S3S4 (S3S4 [S5])
Callitriche heterophyllaTwo-headed Water-starwortB.A. SorrieWhispering Pines, tributary of Thagard Lake. 28 March 2015.S5 (S5)
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaGreen AshB.A. SorrieMoore Co., Piedmont, Cool Springs Road at tributary of McLendons Creek. 14 May 2016.S4 (S4)
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaGreen AshB.A. SorriePiedmont, terrace at edge of Deep River, due E of Glendon. 15 Sept 2020. S4 (S4)
Fraxinus carolinianaCarolina AshB.A. SorriePiedmont, Cool Springs Road at tributary of McLendons Creek. 21 May 2016. S4 (S4)
Fraxinus biltmoreanaBiltmore Ash B.A. SorrieMoore Co., same data.S2S4 (S2S4 [S4])
Fraxinus biltmoreanaBiltmore Ash B.A. SorriePiedmont, dry woods by Busbee Road, S of Cady Clay Works Pottery. 28 June 2017. S2S4 (S2S4 [S4])
Fraxinus americanaWhite AshB.A. SorrieMoore Co., same data. S4S5 (S4S5)