Vascular Plants of North Carolina
100 Most Recent Photos
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Prunus speciosaJapanese Flowering CherryB.A. SorrieSame data.SNA (SE)
Prunus speciosaJapanese Flowering CherryB.A. SorrieRoadside thicket Carthage, NC, March 2023.SNA (SE)
Verbesina helianthoidesOzark CrownbeardKeith BradleyUndisclosed location in SC; June 2019. SU (SU [SR])
Tsuga canadensisEastern HemlockB.A. SorrieCloudland Canyon, northwest GA; April 2015. Tsuga canadensis with woolly adelgid infestation.S4S5 (S4S5 [S4])
Neottia bifoliaSouthern TwaybladeHaven WileySame data.S3 (S3)
Neottia bifoliaSouthern TwaybladeHaven WileyRobeson County, undisclosed location, March 2021. S3 (S3)
Heteranthera reniformisKidneyleaf Mud-plantainBryan EnglandWake County, August 2020. S2? (S2? [S3?])
Frangula carolinianaCarolina BuckthornB.A. SorrieNortheast GA, April 2015. S3 (S3)
Epilobium leptophyllumBog Willowherb B.A. SorrieRocky Mountain NP, CO, August 2022. Seepy creekside. S2S3 (S2S3)
Cladrastis kentukeaKentucky YellowwoodB.A. SorrieNorth Georgia mountains, 2015. Natural.S2S3 (S2S3)
Cladrastis kentukeaKentucky YellowwoodB.A. SorrieCampus of Mount Holyoke College, 1988; planted.S2S3 (S2S3)
Arisaema stewardsoniiBog Jack-in-the-pulpitB.A. SorrieWestern MA, 1980s. S3 (S3)
Monotropsis odorataSweet PinesapJimmy RandolphOcconneechee Mountain SNA, in Mountain Laurel thicket, 18 March 2023. S3 (S3)
Dirca palustrisEastern LeatherwoodSteve HallOrange County, Mason Farm, March 17 2023. S3 (S3)
Viola hastataHalberd-leaf Yellow VioletDale TebbeWoods in Polk County, March 11 2023. S5 (S5)
Houstonia pusillaTiny Bluet Robert EmmottGreat Smoky Mountains NP, Swain County; 17 March 2022S4 (S4 [S5])
Thuja occidentalisNorthern White Cedar B.A. SorrieScenic State Park, MN. SU (SU [SE?])
Galium uniflorumOneflower BedstrawLenny LampelNear Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, 29 June 2021. S2S3 (S2S3 [S3S4])
Juncus dudleyiDudley's RushDevin RodgersBurke Co.S1 (S1)
Coptis trifoliaThreeleaf GoldthreadPatrick McMillanAlleghany Co.S1 (S1)
Euonymus fortuneiWinter-creeperMaria DunlaveyRich boulderfield forest, Graham Co., 2022. SNA (SE)
Spinulum annotinumStiff ClubmossB.A. SorriePhoto_non_NC Co.S1 (S1)
Viburnum dilatatumLinden ViburnumDiane LaslieInvasive to Bog Garden, Greensboro, 2022. SNA (SE)
Cenchrus tribuloidesDune SandspurBA SorrieCoquina Beach campground, Sept 2022. S3 (S3 [S4])
Lechea maritima var. virginicaBeach PinweedBA SorrieDare Co.S1 (S1 [S2])
Hudsonia tomentosaWoolly Beach-heatherB.A. SorrieSame place, Sept 2022. S2 (S2)
Iresine rhizomatosaEastern BloodleafBA SorrieBoardwalk at Duck, Sept 2022. S2S3 (S2S3)
Sanicula canadensis var. floridanaFlorida Black-snakerootBA Sorriesame dataS4? ([S4?])
Sanicula canadensis var. floridanaFlorida Black-snakerootBA SorrieNags Head Woods, Sept 2022, plant turning to fall color. S4? ([S4?])
Echinochloa walteriCoast Cockspur-grassBA SorrieNags Head Woods, dried out pond, Sept 2022. S3S4 (S3S4 [S4])
Setaria magnaGiant BristlegrassBA SorrieDried out pond, Nags Head Woods, Sept 2022.S2S3 (S2S3 [S3S4])
Spartina cynosuroidesBig Cordgrass BA SorrieMargin of sound at roadside, Colington, Sept 2022. S5 (S5)
Castanea pumilaAllegheny ChinquapinBA SorrieKitty Hawk Woods, trail south from Birch Lane, Sept 2022. S4 (S4 [S5])
Spiranthes ovalisLesser Ladies'-tressesMaria DunlaveyMacon County, forested cove, elev. 2560 ft., Sept 2022. S2S3 (S2S3 [S3])
Gymnopogon brevifoliusShortleaf Skeleton-grassB.A. SorrieMoore County, piedmont, powerline by Lamms Road W of Carthage, Sept 2022. S4 (S4)
Parthenium auriculatumGlade Wild QuinineB.A. SorrieLarge patch of plants, mafic soil of powerline E of Everett Chappell Road, Sept 2022.S3 (S3)
Boltonia diffusaSmallhead Doll's-daisyB.A. SorrieSame data.SNA (SE?)
Boltonia diffusaSmallhead Doll's-daisyB.A. SorrieUncommon and local in powerline E of Everett Chappell Road, Richmond Co., Sept 2022. SNA (SE?)
Ambrosia bidentataLanceleaf RagweedB.A. SorrieMafic soil in powerline E of Everett Chappell Road, Sept 2022. Abundant.S2? ([S2?])
Allium cernuumNodding OnionB.A. Sorrie2 Spet 2022, powerline beside Pleasant Grove Church Road. With Becky Dill. S4 (S4)
Lechea tenuifoliaNarrowleaf PinweedB.A. Sorrie2 Sept 2022, powerline off Pleasant Grove Church Road. With Becky Dill. S4? (S4? [S4])
Agave virginicaEastern False-aloeB.A. SorrieSame dataS3 (S3)
Agave virginicaEastern False-aloeB.A. Sorrie2 Sept 2022, roadside and adjacent powerline, Pleasant Grove Church Road. With Becky Dill.S3 (S3)
Tridens strictusLongspike FluffgrassB.A. SorrieSame data.SH (SH)
Tridens strictusLongspike FluffgrassB.A. SorriePowerlines crossing Pleasant Grove Church Road, 2 Sept 2022. With Becky Dill. SH (SH)
Silphium terebinthinaceumPrairie DockBecky Dill2 Sept 2022, Pleasant Grove Church Road.S2 (S2)
Elatine triandraThree-stamen WaterwortEric Ungbergsame dataSNA (SE)
Elatine triandraThree-stamen WaterwortEric UngbergTidal portion of Black River, Pender County, Aug 2022. SNA (SE)
Mosla diantheraMiniature Beefsteak-plantJess SchanerAvery County; August 2022; growing in a bogSNA (SE) *
Cabomba carolinianaCarolina FanwortLori ArentHarnett County: Cape Fear Shiner County Park; in small creek; 8 August 2022. Initial ID by Harry LeGrand; photos by Lori ArentS3? (S3? [S2S3])
Cabomba carolinianaCarolina FanwortLori ArentHarnett County: Cape Fear Shiner County Park; in small creek; 8 August 2022. Initial ID by Harry LeGrand; photos by Lori ArentS3? (S3? [S2S3])
Paspalum fluitansHorsetail CrowngrassEric UngbergGranville Co.S1 (S1 [S2])
Lilium philippinensePhilippine LilyWayne HoffmanSame dataSNA (SE)
Lilium philippinensePhilippine LilyWayne HoffmanBladen Co., Lock & Dam #1, steep slope down to boat ramp, 31 July 2022. SNA (SE)
Luziola fluitansSouthern WatergrassEric UngbergNew Hanover Co.S1S2 (S1S2 [S2])
Ruellia ciliosaSandhills Wild-petuniaDavid AumanRichmond Co.S2 (S2 [S1S2])
Zizia trifoliataMountain Golden-Alexanders B.A. SorrieSame data.S5 (S5)
Zizia trifoliataMountain Golden-Alexanders B.A. SorriePiedmont, base of high ledges near Deep River, W of High Falls bridge, Apr 2017S5 (S5)
Zizia apteraHeartleaf Golden-AlexandersB.A. SorrieOrdway Prairie, southwestern MN, early June 2018.S5 (S5)
Tiedemannia filiformisWater CowbaneB.A. SorrieSame data.S3 (S3 [S2S3])
Tiedemannia filiformisWater CowbaneB.A. SorrieMoist roadside savanna, Long County, GA, 1997.S3 (S3 [S2S3])
Thaspium trifoliatumSmooth Meadow-parsnip B.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, loamy sandy trough between Strausburg Road and Scotland Lake, early May 2015. S5 (S5)
Thaspium barbinodeHairy-jointed Meadow-parsnipB.A. SorrieMontane northern GA, May 2015. S5 (S5)
Taenidia integerrimaYellow PimpernelB.A. SorriePee Dee NWR, mafic ridge S of Bennett Bridge, 10 Apr 2007. S3 (S3 [S4])
Sium suaveHemlock Water-parsnipB.A. SorrieMountains, Suches, GA, July 2015.S3S4 (S3S4)
Sanicula smalliiSmall's Black-snakerootB.A. SorriePiedmont, Wilkes County, GA, May 2015. S5 (S5)
Sanicula odorataClustered Black-snakerootB.A. SorrieMontane northern GA, creek floodplain, May 2015. S4? (S4? [S4S5])
Sanicula marilandicaMaryland Black-snakerootB.A. SorrieSame data.S4? (S4? [S3S4])
Sanicula marilandicaMaryland Black-snakerootB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, Block Y, loamy sandy soil of long trough, June 2021.S4? (S4? [S3S4])
Sanicula canadensis var. canadensisCanadian Black-snakerootB.A. SorrieMesic woods near Threemile River, June 2010. S5 (S5)
Ptilimnium capillaceumMock BishopweedB.A. SorrieWet ditch and former streamhead, Camp Easter Road, June 2010. S5 (S5)
Oxypolis ternataSavanna CowbaneB.A. SorrieFort Bragg, seepy streamhead ecotone, Sept 1993. S3 (S3)
Oxypolis rigidiorStiff CowbaneB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, seepy gasline off Meyers Lane, Aug 2009. S4 (S5)
Osmorhiza longistylisLongstyle Sweet-cicelyB.A. SorrieSame data.S4? (S4? [S5])
Osmorhiza longistylisLongstyle Sweet-cicelyB.A. SorriePiedmont, tributary of Deep River at George P Road, April 2009. S4? (S4? [S5])
Osmorhiza claytoniiHairy Sweet-cicelyB.A. SorrieMesic forest, Wilbraham, MA, 1980s.S5 (S5)
Ligusticum canadenseAmerican LovageB.A. SorrieSame data.S5 (S5)
Ligusticum canadenseAmerican LovageB.A. SorrieMountains, Suches GA, early July 2015.S5 (S5)
Eryngium yuccifolium var. yuccifoliumRattlesnake-masterB.A. SorrieWeymouth Woods, late June 2010.S5 (S5 [S4S5])
Eryngium yuccifolium var. yuccifoliumRattlesnake-masterB.A. SorrieUwharrie NF, Lomax Longleaf South, late June 2021.S5 (S5 [S4S5])
Eryngium prostratumCreeping EryngoB.A. SorrieWhispering Pines, old farm pond by Niagara-Carthage Road, Aug 2015.S3S4 (S3S4)
Eryngium integrifoliumBlueflower EryngoB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, seepy roadside near Broadacres Lake, Aug 2009. S4 (S4)
Eryngium aquaticumMarsh EryngoB.A. SorrieSt. Marks NWR, FL, 1996. S3S4 (S3S4)
Daucus carotaQueen-Anne's-LaceB.A. SorriePiedmont, edge of pasture, Glendon-Carthage Road, late May 2015.SNA (SE)
Cryptotaenia canadensisCanadian Honewort B.A. SorriePiedmont, backup channel of Little Governor's Creek, late June 2017. S5 (S5)
Cryptotaenia canadensisCanadian Honewort B.A. SorriePiedmont, floodplain of Pee Dee River, late May 2021.S5 (S5)
Conium maculatumPoison-hemlockB.A. SorrieSame data.SNA (SE)
Conium maculatumPoison-hemlockB.A. SorrieRoadside rest area, Berea KY, late May 2018.SNA (SE)
Cicuta mexicanaSouthern Water-hemlockB.A. SorrieSame data.S3? ([S3?])
Cicuta mexicanaSouthern Water-hemlockB.A. SorrieWet roadside, St.Johns County, FL, 1998.S3? ([S3?])
Cicuta maculataSpotted Water-hemlockB.A. SorriePiedmont, Triassic Basin, wet roadside Cool Springs Road, early June 2008. S5 (S5)
Centella erectaErect CoinleafB.A. SorrieSandhills Game Land, 17 Frog Pond, July 2009.S5 (S5)
Angelica venenosaHairy AngelicaB.A. SorrieSame data.S5 (S5)
Angelica venenosaHairy AngelicaB.A. SorrieFort Bragg, loamy sandy flat, 1994. S5 (S5)
Hydrocotyle verticillataShield Marsh-pennywortB.A. SorrieSame data.S4 (S4)
Hydrocotyle verticillataShield Marsh-pennywortB.A. SorrieKitty Hawk Woods Preserve, narrow wet forested interdune swale, June 2012. S4 (S4)
Hydrocotyle umbellataManyflower Marsh-pennywortB.A. SorrieShore of McKinney Lake, Aug 2011. S5 (S5)
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioidesLawn Marsh-pennywortB.A. SorrieWhispering Pines, gravel driveway, July 2016.SNA (SE)
Hydrocotyle bonariensisLargeleaf PennywortB.A. SorrieFort Macon SP, late May 2018.S3S4 (S3S4 [S4])
Hedera helixEnglish IvyB.A. SorrieSame place, Aug 2014, mature leaves and flowers.SNA (SE)