Vascular Plants of North Carolina
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SectionFamilyScientific Name(Most Prevalent)
Common Name
RAB Flora
AuthorState RankGlobal RankState StatusUS Status
6FabaceaeRobinia hartwigii

Hartwig's Locust Robinia viscosa var. hartwegiiKoehneS1S2G3T2 [G2]SR-L
6FabaceaeRobinia hispida

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Bristly LocustL.S4 [S5]G4 [G5]
6FabaceaeRobinia hispida var. fertilis

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Fruitful Locustnot in RAB(Ashe) ClausenS1 [S2]G4T1T2SR-O
6FabaceaeRobinia hispida var. hispida

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Common Bristly Locustnot in RABL.S3 [S4] G4T4
6FabaceaeRobinia hispida var. kelseyi

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Kelsey's LocustRobinia kelseyi(Cowell ex Hutchinson) IselyS1G4T1SR-O
6FabaceaeRobinia hispida var. rosea

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Boynton's LocustRobinia boyntoniiPurshS2?G4T3?W7
6FabaceaeRobinia nana

Dwarf LocustRobinia nana and Robinia elliottiiRobinia hispida var. nanaElliottS4G4Q
6FabaceaeRobinia pseudoacacia

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Black LocustRobinia pseudo-acaciaL.S5G5
6FabaceaeRobinia viscosa

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Clammy LocustVentenatS1 [S1S2] G3SR-T