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Account for Northern Pearlwort - Sagina procumbens   L.
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DistributionMountains only, so far as is known. First collected by E. Schell in 1987 in Mitchell County; then in 2010 by Derick Poindexter in Alleghany County. A collection from Iredell County by Mordecai Hyams conceals the plant within a packet; thus the ID cannot be checked online. The native/alien status of NC plants is unsettled; Weakley (2022) considers it as not native in the East.

Native of Europe; in N.A. Greenland to AK, south to NC, AR, CO, CA.
AbundanceVery rare. As it is generally considered to not be native in the eastern U.S., this species is no longer considered as a Watch List species (W4) by the NCNHP (in late 2022).
HabitatRoadside brick walkway (Alleghany Co.); gravel parking lot on Roan Mountain (Mitchell Co.).
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting May-September.
IdentificationThis species is tiny in stature and easily overlooked. It is very similar to the common native "belly plant" S. decumbens, but the small white flowers have 4 petals and stamens (vs. 5 in S. decumbens).
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