Vascular Plants of North Carolina
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Members of Cleomaceae:
Only member of Tarenaya in NC.
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Section 6 » Family Cleomaceae
DistributionScattered through most of the state, but with some big gaps. This species may show up almost anywhere.

Native to South America; in N.A. Que. to WI and NE, south to FL and TX.
AbundanceRare throughout.
HabitatRiver sandbars and shores, roadbanks, disturbed soil, fallow fields, waste ground.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting June-November.
IdentificationSpider-flower is a striking plant and popular in cultivation. It grows 3-6 feet tall, the stems being glandular-hairy. The leaves are long-stalked, divided into 5 lanceolate to oblanceolate leaflets that taper to both ends. The flowers grow in a terminal, spikelike raceme, the 4 petals pink to rose to purple, with very long stamens sticking out. The fruits grow from long stalks that tend to curve downward, linear, 2-3 inches long -- quite like some capsules of various Arabis species.
Taxonomic CommentsLong known by the name Cleome hassleriana. However, Weakley (2022) indicated that the taxon in the Southeast is undescribed; it was named as Tarenaya hassleriana.

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