Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Field Pumpkin - Cucurbita pepo  
Members of Cucurbitaceae:
Only member of Cucurbita in NC.
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Section 6 » Order Violales » Family Cucurbitaceae
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DistributionWidely scattered across the state, in a biologically meaningless pattern.

Native of tropical America. In N.A. -- most of the eastern states.
AbundanceRare to uncommon.
HabitatVarious waste grounds; fields, gardens.
PhenologyFlowering May-frost; fruiting August-October.
IdentificationThis is the familiar pumpkin of Halloween fame, often grown in fields as a cash crop, on a small scale. The large orange fruit is very familiar. It is a trailing vine to several feet long, with large leaves that are palmately (though only shallowly) lobed. The flower is quite large, rather tubular with 5 lobes; flowers are bright golden-yellow and about 2-3 inches long. The occasional fruit can weigh over several hundred pounds!
Taxonomic Comments
Other Common Name(s)Usually just called as Pumpkin.
State RankSE
Global RankG4G5
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