Vascular Plants of North Carolina
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Section 6 » Order Fabales » Family Fabaceae
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DistributionCoastal Plain and Piedmont. The large gap in the southern Coastal Plain will likely be filled over time.

Native of Europe; in N.A. MA to MI and MO, south to northern FL and eastern TX.
AbundanceUncommon to locally common throughout.
HabitatFields, fallow crop fields, meadows, roadsides, banks above streams and rivers.
PhenologyFlowering April-June.
IdentificationThis species is readily identified by its axillary, generally sessile, light yellow flowers. The stem grows up to 2 feet tall, clambering via tendrils at leaftips. From V. lutea it differs in all calyx lobes about the same length (vs. very unequal).
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