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Account for Woolly Dutchman's-pipe - Isotrema tomentosum   (Sims) H. Huber
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Section 4 » Family Aristolochiaceae
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Author(Sims) H. Huber
DistributionCollected once in 1911 in the back woodlot of a home in Salem, Forsyth County.

Native from IN to KS, south to FL and TX; adventive/escaped eastward. Does occur as a native eastward to eastern KY, eastern TN, and northern GA -- so to be looked for in far southwestern NC as natural populations.
AbundanceVery rare. Not proven to produce viable populations in NC.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting May-June.
IdentificationWoolly Dutchman's-pipe is a liana (woody vine) with tomentose stems and leaves.
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Global RankG5
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