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Account for European Privet - Ligustrum vulgare   L.
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Section 6 » Order Scrophulariales » Family Oleaceae
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DistributionScattered in the Mountains and Piedmont, plus the Sandhills of Cumberland and Moore counties. First collected in 1891 by John K. Small at Blowing Rock Mountain in Watauga County.

Native of Mediterranean Europe and northern Africa; in N.A. throughout the Eastern states and Ontario; scattered westward.
AbundanceRare to uncommon throughout.
HabitatWoodland borders, margins of fields, vacant lots, near creeks.
PhenologyFlowering May-June. It reaches anthesis about a week before L. sinense, where the 2 occur together.
IdentificationThis evergreen shrub is very similar to the abundant and troublesome Chinese Privet (L. sinense), which see. Differences can be subtle, but Weakley (2018) provides a number of characters to choose from. Possibly the most obvious is that the upper leaf surface is rather shiny (vs. somewhat dull in Chinese Privet).
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