Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Long-headed Poppy - Papaver dubium   L.
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Section 6 » Order Papaverales » Family Papaveraceae
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DistributionMostly the Piedmont and Mountains; also New Hanover and Pender counties. Some records lack label data, so the website editors cannot tell if cultivated.

Native of Europe and SW Asia. In N.A. Atlantic states and provinces west to KS and OK.
AbundanceUncommon in Mountains and Piedmont, rare in Coastal Plain. There are very few recent records and so it is probably rare today.
HabitatRailroad cinder beds, roadsides, fields, cropfields, other disturbed sites.
PhenologyFlowering March-May.
IdentificationThis poppy is 1-2 feet tall, with irregularly dissected leaves. It is much like P. rhoeas but the flower stalk is appressed hispid (vs. spreading hispid). The quite large flowers are orange to red.
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