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Account for Fringed Climbing Buckwheat - Fallopia cilinodis   (Michaux) Holub
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Author(Michaux) Holub
DistributionMountains only; at high elevations.

Newf. to Sask., south to PA, IL, and MN; Mountains to northern GA.
AbundanceUncommon to infrequent, and somewhat limited in habitats owing to its high elevations. It is not currently on the NCNHP's Watch List, but the editors feel that there are not quite enough records to justify a State Rank of S3; a rank of S2S3 is recommended.
HabitatHigh elevation (mostly over 4500 feet) rock outcrops, montane ridges, and open montane woodlands -- usually in clearings and edges (owing to it being a vine).
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting June-September.
IdentificationFringed Climbing Buckwheat is one of 3 native species of black-bindweeds or climbing buckwheats (genus Fallopia). All 3 are very distinctive in their twining, slender stems (up to 6 feet long) that bear generally triangular, cordate-based leaves (often with hastate corners); the stem and branches are usually dark red. It differs from our other two by its bright white petals and its fringe of hairs on the ocreae (short collars at the junction of the main plant stem and leaf stem) vs. pale greenish or creamy-yellowish petals and smooth ocreae in the other two. The alien F. baldschuanica is woody-based, high-climbing, and freely branched.
Taxonomic CommentsRAB (1968) and many references -- including NatureServe -- name it as Polygonum cilinode.

Other Common Name(s)Fringed Black-bindweed, Fringed Bindweed. This website follows Weakley (2018) and names all members of this genus with a similar group name -- Climbing Buckwheat, rather than naming one as a Black-bindweed, a second as a Bindweed, and a third as a Climbing Buckwheat!
State RankS3 [S2S3]
Global RankG5
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B.A. SorrieCohasset, MA, 1980s. Photo_non_NCPhoto_non_NC

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