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DistributionThis is a controversial taxon that is not accepted by most references/authorities, though Weakley (2018) reluctantly lists it as a species, at least for now. He states "Plants tentatively placed here have been problematic", and also "More study is needed; the taxon is here provisionally accepted in order to draw attention to the problem." The website editors have not located any NC records for this taxon, and thus the map below is blank. Weakley's (2018) map shows it limited in NC to the Mountains.

Weakley (2018) indicates it as occurring from "PA south to n. GA and se. TN, strictly or primarily in the Appalachians."
AbundanceWeakley's map shows it as "rare" in the Mountains. The state rank is hereby given as [SU] -- State Unknown (unrankable), as opposed to [SR] -- State Reported. It is not in the NatureServe database.
Habitat"Seepage areas" (Weakley 2018).
PhenologyFlowers and fruits from May to July.
IdentificationWeakley's key places it next to H. revolutum, with the difference that this species has "Anthers 0.5-1.2 mm long; stigmas 0.6-2.2 mm long" versus "Anthers 1.5-2.8 mm long; stigmas (1.5-) 2.0-3.5 mm long" in T. revolutum. See that species account for more identification of this species pair.
Taxonomic CommentsSome authors suggest that it is a part of T. revolutum, but another (or others) have it listed as a variety of T. pubescens.

Other Common Name(s)None?
State Rank[SU]
Global RankGNR
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