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Account for Indian Strawberry - Potentilla indica   (Andrews) T. Wolf
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Author(Andrews) T. Wolf
DistributionThroughout the state, but apparently scarce in the northern Mountains.

Native of Asia; in N.A. CT to Ont., WI and NE, south to FL and TX; B.C. to CA and AZ.
AbundanceGenerally common in the Piedmont and much of the Coastal Plain; uncommon to infrequent in the Mountains; rare on the Outer Banks.
HabitatMoist soil of bottomlands and floodplain terraces, roadsides through these habitats, moist to mesic roadsides, lawn weed, campuses, disturbed areas. Avoids dry and sandy soil.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting February-November.
IdentificationDespite the red, strawberry-like (but much smaller) fruit, recent molecular work has placed it within the cinquefoils. It forms groups or colonies via stolons; stems are prostrate to weakly erect. Leaves are divided into 3 ovate leaflets that much resemble strawberry plants such as Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana). The flowers are yellow, like a cinquefoil flower.
Taxonomic CommentsLong known as Duchesnea indica.

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Global RankG5
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B.A. SorrieSame data, March 2015. RichmondPhoto_non_natural
B.A. SorrieEdge of floodplain forest, Grassy Island Road, E of Pee Dee River, May 2021. RichmondPhoto_non_natural
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