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Section 6 » Order Scrophulariales » Family Plantaginaceae
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AuthorP. Miller
DistributionMountains and Piedmont. First collected in 1909 at a streetside in Chapel Hill, Orange County.

Native of Europe; in N.A. throughout.
AbundanceFairly common to locally common in the Mountains, rare to uncommon in the Piedmont.
HabitatFields, pastures, roadsides, clearings, drained lake, waste ground.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting May-October.
IdentificationButter-and-eggs is a rather familiar exotic species in the mountains, much less so downstate. It looks at first glance like a small snapdragon. It grows about a foot tall, with abundant linear leaves. The flowers occur bunched together near the tip, pale yellow but with a darker yellow to orange throat, and a pale spur pointing down.
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B.A. SorrieField, Ithaca, NY, 1966. Photo_non_NCPhoto_non_NC
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