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Section 6 » Order Asterales » Family Asteraceae
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DistributionThrough most of the state, including the Sandhills, but rare in the Coastal Plain. First collected in 1951 in Polk County.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. southern Canada south to FL and LA; also some western states.
AbundanceFairly common to locally common throughout, except rare in the Coastal Plain.
HabitatRoadsides, railroad margins, fields, barnyards, river shores and banks, waste areas, vacant lots, parking lots, campus weed.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting July-November.
IdentificationMugwort puts out a number of basal leaves in May and June, then sends up flowering stems in June-July. The stems reach 3 feet or more tall. The lower leaves are stalked but leaves become sessile up the stem, gray-green above and pale gray or grayish white beneath, deeply dissected into linear segments.
Taxonomic Comments
Other Common Name(s)Common Wormweed
State RankSE
Global RankGNR
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