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Section 6 » Order Scrophulariales » Family Plantaginaceae
DistributionMountains and Piedmont; rare in the northern Coastal Plain. First collected in 1887 by E. Memminger in Henderson County.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. throughout the U.S. and southern Canada, except TX and LA.
AbundanceInfrequent to frequent in the Mountains and Piedmont; very rare in the northern Coastal Plain.
HabitatFields, fallow fields, roadsides, railroad, campus weed, campground, trailside, waste ground, pondshore.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-August.
IdentificationThymeleaf Speedwell is a perennial with creeping stems that arch up towards the flowering tips, with the stems only reaching 4-8 inches long. The leaves are rather ovate and narrowed toward the base, generally entire and without teeth or lobes like most other Veronica species. There is a single terminal leafy raceme with 10-30 white flowers that have bluish lines on the petals, giving the flowers a light blue tinge at a distance.
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