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AuthorL. fils
DistributionA newly arrived species to NC, with all collections from 2004 onward. Primarily on the Outer Banks and other barrier islands; very locally on the mainland. The editors have mapped all occurrences, even those which appear to have been cultivated, in the interest of showing the extent of its distribution prior to eradication efforts by the USFWS.

Native of eastern and southeastern Asia; in N.A. NJ to FL and MS.
AbundanceUncommon to occasionally fairly common on the Outer Banks/barrier islands; rare on the outer Coastal Plain. Beach Vitex is a very aggressive weed that can replace native dune vegetation; it is hoped to be completely eradicated from NC soon.
HabitatMaritime dunes, where planted to help stabilize sand (at least in states south of NC, and probably also in NC).
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting July-August.
IdentificationBeach Vitex is relatively prostrate, and the stems reportedly may reach greater than 30 feet long. The leaves are roundish, dark above and pale gray beneath with dense hairs. Inflorescences are terminal, with the flowers lavender-blue to violet-blue and white.
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