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Section 6 » Order Violales » Family Violaceae
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DistributionMostly Mountains and Piedmont; 2 records from the Coastal Plain. Specimens from Harnett, Lee, and Orange counties are misidentified or from cultivated plants.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. Newf. to AK, south to FL, TX, CA.
AbundanceRare to uncommon. Cultivated rather widely in former decades, but not much now. Escaped locally.
HabitatYard weed, garden weed, roadsides, "woody weedy area", edge of old cottonfield, weed in campus plant beds.
PhenologyFlowering March-June.
IdentificationThis species looks in the field like V. arvensis, but the upper 2 petals are violet or dark blue, while the lower are white to creamy. The lowest petal may also have a yellow patch basally.
Taxonomic CommentsGeneral note on Viola: In 2009-10 B.A. Sorrie (website map editor) went through the whole collection at NCU, annotating all specimens against those verified by experts in the genus. The range maps in RAB (1968) have been changed accordingly. More recently, H. Ballard and students are in the process of revising all Southeastern Viola, and they will recognize additional species; this work has now been published (see above). We will follow updated editions of Weakley in recognizing them.
Other Common Name(s)Garden Violet
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Global RankGNR
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