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Account for Porcelain-berry - Ampelopsis glandulosa   (Wallich) Momiyama
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Author(Wallich) Momiyama
DistributionScattered across the state. Certainly found in many more counties than mapped, and simply under-collected.

Native of eastern Asia; in N.A. -- NH to WI south to GA and AR.
AbundanceRare to uncommon, but where found it can be locally common to abundant.
HabitatStreambanks, near rivers, roadside thickets, hedgerows, along railroads.
PhenologyFlowering May-August; fruiting September-November.
IdentificationThis is a climbing or scrambling vine with leaves very shallowly to deeply 3-5 lobed and thus resembling grapes (Vitis). The small, multicolored berries are diagnostic: green, whitish, rosy, or aqua blue -- typically all such colors of berries on a single plant!
Taxonomic CommentsA synonym is A. brevipedunculata.

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B.A. SorrieSame data; flowers. MoorePhoto_non_natural
B.A. SorrieVacant lot, downtown Southern Pines, July 2015. MoorePhoto_non_natural
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