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DistributionPresent over essentially all of the Mountains and Piedmont; widely scattered over most of the Coastal Plain, but many counties there lack a record.

This is primarily a species of the Atlantic states, ranging from southeastern Canada south to central GA. The range is very spotty from OH and WI south through KY, TN, and AL west to LA and MO.
AbundanceFrequent to common in the Mountains; fairly common in the Piedmont. Rare to uncommon in the Coastal Plain, though perhaps simply under-collected in this province; abundances of several grape species in the Coastal Plain need better clarity. Seemingly more numerous toward the coast rather than farther inland in the Coastal Plain, possibility a collecting bias but perhaps reflecting a preference for higher pH soils.
HabitatThis is primarily a species or rich forests, especially in bottomlands and moist slopes, including thickets and opening in such forests.
PhenologyFlowers from May to June, and fruits from September to October.
IdentificationThis is another high-climbing, deciduous, woody vine, with large leaves that typically have three lobes, the side lobes usually small. The leaves are usually about 6 inches long and wide. Identification of this grape is usually made by the densely pubescent leaves below, often with rusty hairs (giving a buff-colored look to the undersides). In addition, there are tendrils or inflorescences opposite at least three consecutive leaves. Check keys for additional characters. Along with V. aestivalis, V. cinerea, and V. vulpina, this is another numerous grape of bottomlands in the western two-thirds of the state.
Taxonomic CommentsOlder references often listed varieties for this species, but most recent ones do not.

Other Common Name(s)None
State RankS4
Global RankG5
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