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Account for Sand Pine - Pinus clausa   (Chapman ex Engelmann) Sargent
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Section 3 » Order Pinales » Family Pinaceae
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Author(Chapman ex Engelmann) Sargent
DistributionWeakley (2018) says "experimentally planted as far north as NC." There are no specimens at the SERNEC website; Weakley shows it as "rare" in the Coastal Plain, but the editors can find no counties in which to populate the map.

Native of Florida, the dominant plant of Sand Pine Scrub. Planted for pulp in northern FL and southern GA.
AbundanceAre there any specimens of escaped plants in NC?
IdentificationNeedles are short (6-9 cm long), straight or slightly twisted, and in fascicles of 2. Virginia Pine (P. virginiana) needles are 2-8 cm long and strongly twisted, also in fascicles of 2.
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