Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Florida Torreya - Torreya taxifolia   ArnottOnly member of Torreya in NC.
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DistributionBarely countable as an established alien in NC, but the stories are interesting. Warren County: Poplar Mount Farm, single large old tree which produces viable seeds and seedlings. A gift from President Buchanan to Weldon Edwards, the plant originated from England. Specimens collected 1939 and 1975, with photos. Macon County, Harbison estate, plants reproducing mostly from root sprouts, specimens collected 1934-89.

Native to a small area of northwestern FL and southwestern GA.
AbundanceFederally Endangered. Recognized early on (1830s) that it was very rare and special.
IdentificationTorreya is a small to medium evergreen tree, with distinctively flat arrangements of needles; that is, the needles on each side of the twig are in the same flat plane. These needles are very sharp! Cones, such as they are, grow at twig tips.
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