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Section 5 » Order Commelinales » Family Commelinaceae
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DistributionEstablished in the southern outer Coastal Plain. Collections from only 3 counties, by Radford (1958), Ahles (1957), and Bell (1958); also a recent (2021) collection from Robeson County (2021) that has not yet been accessed.

Despite the common and Latin names, it is a native of India; in N.A. found in the Southeastern states.
HabitatDitch, waste land, field.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting September-October.
IdentificationCarolina Dayflower has spathes with margins free to the base, flowers are all-blue, and the lower margin of the spathes is straight (vs. curved in other species in the genus).
Taxonomic CommentsThe species was first described from plants collected in South Carolina by Thomas Walter; only later was it determined that its true native home is India.

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