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Account for Northern Green-and-gold - Chrysogonum virginianum   L.
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Section 6 » Order Asterales » Family Asteraceae
DistributionPiedmont and Piedmont-like sites on the Coastal Plain; absent from the Sandhills proper. Also ranges into the southern Mountains and barely into low elevations of the northern Mountains. Our map is taken directly from the paper by Nesom in Sida 19: 811-820 and in Phytoneuron 2020-94, with a few additional SERNEC and iNaturalist records added. Note that Nesom (2020) now recognizes 2 species in NC, rather than 2 varieties of virginianum.

Southern PA to southern OH, south to central SC, southern GA, and eastern AL.
AbundanceCommon to very common in the Piedmont and extreme upper Coastal Plain; rare to uncommon in the southern Mountains and the southeastern Coastal Plain. Seemingly absent from most of the Mountains and most of the eastern and central Coastal Plain, as well as the Sandhills region.
HabitatMesic to dry, deciduous and pine-deciduous forests and woodlands, rocky slopes. Coastal Plain populations occur along brownwater rivers such as the Cape Fear.
See also Habitat Account for General Dry-Mesic Hardwood Forests
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting late March - early June, rarely later in summer. Green-and-gold (both species) is one of our handsomest flowers and has one of the longest flowering periods among our spring flora.
IdentificationThe stems are short, 1.5 feet or less, with ovate leaf blades on long stalks, the leaves crowded near the ground and a rich green color. The heads have 5 bright golden-yellow rays 10-15 mm long and yellow disk florets. C. virginianum is told from C. repens by the absence of stolons and plants occurring singly (vs. plants occurring in patches).
Taxonomic CommentsReaders are referred to the 2001 paper by Nesom in Sida 19, and especially to his update in Phytoneuron 2020-94 for recognition of C. repens.

Other Common Name(s)Green-and-gold, Golden-star, Golden-knee
State RankS5
Global RankG5
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