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Account for California Bulrush - Schoenoplectus californicus   (C.A. Meyer) Sojak
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Author(C.A. Meyer) Sojak
DistributionNo specimen has been found to corroborate the report from New Hanover County. Weakley (2022) gives an historical abundance for this species in NC (in the Coastal Plain), but data are lacking. Based on the range below, native occurrence in southeastern NC is certainly plausible.

"SC south to s. FL, west to TX, and extending s. into the New World tropics; on the west coast, from CA southward" (Weakley 2022).
AbundanceThe species is on the NCNHP Watch List (W3) owing to undocumented data. Though they give a State Rank of SU (Undetermined), the website editors suggest that SR (Reported) is a better rank.
Taxonomic CommentsThe genus Schoenoplectus has been split from Scirpus and includes plants with sessile spikelets, or with spikelets with a few branches (vs. open, widely branching inflorescences). Most of our Schoenoplectus species appear to have no leaves (exceptions are S. etuberculatus and S. subterminalis), whereas Scirpus taxa have well-developed basal and stem leaves.
Other Common Name(s)
State RankSU [SR]
Global RankG5
State StatusW3
US Status
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