Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Brazilian Waterweed - Egeria densa   PlanchonOnly member of Egeria in NC.
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Section 5 » Order Hydrocharitales » Family Hydrocharitaceae
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DistributionMore-or-less throughout, with the largest gaps in northern Piedmont and Mountains. First collected in NC in 1947 in Wake County.

Native of South America; in N.A. mostly in the Southeastern States and CA.
AbundanceUncommon to frequent; no doubt overlooked -- except very rare in the northwestern Piedmont and parts of the mountains.
HabitatDisturbed or nutrient-rich streams, rivers, impoundments, artificial ponds.
IdentificationClosely resembles Elodea, but has leaves in whorls of 5+ (vs. 3) and flowers have 3 bright white petals. Closely resembles the federal noxious weed Hydrilla but leaves lack marginal prickles and lack prickles along midvein beneath.
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