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DistributionMountains, at middle and lower elevations; ranging southwest only to Haywood and Henderson counties. Considering that the global range includes northern GA, its absence from southwestern NC counties is puzzling, though certainly it is not being overlooked.

Endemic to about 15 counties in NC, northwestern SC, northeastern GA, and southeastern TN.
AbundanceUncommon,but may be locally abundant. A few decades ago, was thought to be quite rare and was tracked as a rare species at the NCNHP at one time, especially owing to its range nearly restricted to NC.
HabitatRich mesophytic forests, cove forests.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting late July-September. Flowering may be triggered by tree-fall light gaps.
IdentificationBroadleaf Tickseed is a very distinctive species. Plants grow from 2-4 feet tall, with opposite, ovate to lance-ovate, toothed leaves. Upper leaf nodes can be close enough together than the upper leaves can appear to be in a whorl of 4. Normally there are only 5 ray florets, lacking teeth at the tips.
Taxonomic CommentsNone

For excellent drawings of all species (except those recently described) and range maps (although now out-of-date), see the monograph by Smith (1976).
Other Common Name(s)Broadleaf Coreopsis
State RankS3
Global RankG3
State StatusW1
US Status
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