Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Dotted Duckmeat - Landoltia punctata   (G.F.W. Meyer) Les & CrawfordOnly member of Landoltia in NC.
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Section 5 » Order Arales » Family Araceae
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Author(G.F.W. Meyer) Les & Crawford
DistributionScattered locations from the Coastal Plain to the central Piedmont (west to Catawba County); absent from the Mountains.

Native of the southern hemisphere; in N.A. widely distributed.
AbundanceUncommon throughout, but no doubt overlooked or ignored.
HabitatImpoundments, inundated ditches, interdune ponds, golf course ponds, slow moving streams.
IdentificationThe genus Lemna has 1 root per plant; the genus Spirodela has 7-21; Landoltia has 2-7.
Taxonomic CommentsSynonyms include Spirodela oligorrhiza and Lemna punctata.

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