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Account for Larkspur-leaf Tickseed - Coreopsis delphiniifolia   Lamarck
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DistributionSERNEC (misspelled delphinifolia) has specimens from Moore and Scotland counties. RAB (1968) lumps it within C. major var. stellata, but FNA and Weakley (2020) recognize it at the species level, although FNA says "questionably distinct from C. major". As Weakley (2020) accepts it as a valid species and with natural occurrences in the state, the taxon editors accept it here as native, though feel that molecular research needs to be done before truly accepting it as a valid species.

Southeastern VA to central GA and southeastern TN.
AbundanceVery rare in the Sandhills region; unknown elsewhere. Oddly, the NCNHP has a State Rank of just SNR (not yet ranked); the website editors suggest an uncertain rank of [S1S2], as it is globally rare and presumably scarce in NC. The editors also suggest a State Status of W2 = "Rare but Questionable Taxonomy" as the proper Watch List category, and not W3 = "Rare but Questionable Documentation".
Habitat"Dry woodlands" (Weakley 2020).
PhenologyFlowers and fruits May to July.
IdentificationPlants appear to be a narrow-leaved form of Greater Tickseed (Coreopsis major).
Taxonomic CommentsSee comments above.

For excellent drawings of all species (except those recently described) and range maps (although now out-of-date), see the monograph by Smith (1976).
Other Common Name(s)Larkspur Coreopsis
State RankSNR [S1S2]
Global RankG3?
State StatusW3 [W2]
US Status
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