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Account for Two-flower Narcissus (a hybrid) - Narcissus x medioluteus   P. Miller
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Section 5 » Family Amaryllidaceae
AuthorP. Miller
DistributionScattered records across the state. There are specimens from 9 counties in SERNEC. BONAP maps a few more.
AbundanceApparently uncommon in all three provinces.
HabitatThe usual suspects -- roadsides, yards, waste places.
IdentificationUnlike N. tazetta, which has an umbel with 3-8 flowers, this hybrid has generally just 2 flowers in an umbel.
Taxonomic CommentsA horticultural hybrid of N. poeticus and N. tazetta.

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State RankSE
Global RankGNA
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B.A. SorrieBroad roadside of Vass-Carthage Road just S of Farm Life School Road. 16 March 2024. MoorePhoto_non_natural
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