Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Wavy Hairgrass - Avenella flexuosa   (L.) Drejer
Members of Poaceae:
Only member of Avenella in NC.
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Author(L.) Drejer
DistributionMountains and northern upper Piedmont; disjunct to the mid-southern and lower Piedmont, with a seemingly real gap in the central Piedmont.

Circumboreal/temperate, in North America south to northern GA, OH, and MN; disjunct in AR, OK, and Mex.
AbundanceFrequent in the Mountains and upper Piedmont; uncommon in the lower Piedmont, and very rare (if present) in most central Piedmont counties. Where found, plants may be uncommon to dominant.
HabitatDry rock ledges, cliff faces and crests, grassy balds, in open or under deciduous canopy. Lower Piedmont occurrences are almost always on north-facing ledges flanking brownwater rivers.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-August.
IdentificationThe plants form clumps of moderate size (sometimes large) tussocks of spreading/arching, strongly inrolled, leaves 0.5 to 1.5 feet long; the leaves are surmounted by erect stems up to 2.5 feet high with very open, airy inflorescences. In dense populations, plants cascade down rocky slopes.
Taxonomic CommentsLong known by the name Deschampsia flexuosa.

Other Common Name(s)Common Hairgrass, Appalachian Hairgrass, Crinkled Hairgrass
State RankS3
Global RankG5
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