Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Common Timothy - Phleum pratense   L.
Members of Poaceae:
Only member of Phleum in NC.
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Section 5 » Order Cyperales » Family Poaceae
DistributionThroughout, except scarce in southern middle and outer Coastal Plain.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. nearly throughout except the Arctic and the Gulf Coastal Plain.
AbundanceCommon, except scarce in the Sandhills proper and southern Coastal Plain.
HabitatFields, pastures, meadows, roadsides, etc. Many non-natural "grassy balds" at high elevations are dominated by this alien grass.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting June-October.
IdentificationTimothy is familiar to most people, as it is widely planted as a forage grass. Stems grow mostly 2-4 feet from a leafy base, terminated by a short to long (5-10 cm or more), narrow, dense, unbranched inflorescence. Looking closely, the glumes have eyelash-like hairs.
Taxonomic CommentsNone

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