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DistributionMostly the southern Coastal Plain; not known from the Sandhills proper. With the recognition of the much more common Mohr's Thoroughwort (E. mohrii), all NC specimens of Recurved Thoroughwort need to be checked for identification, including the ones mapped below.

Coastal Plain, NC to southern FL.
AbundanceApparently uncommon along the southern coast, but presumably quite rare farther inland, to Edgecombe and Scotland counties. As most of the records formerly named as this species now appear to be Mohr's Thoroughwort, the abundance of this species is unsettled. It is a Watch List species, though the editors suggest a State Rank of S2? instead of the NCNHP's S1?.
HabitatDry to mesic Longleaf Pine-Wiregrass uplands and savannas. Whereas E. mohrii seems to be essentially a wetland species, this species occurs in more mesic soils, though it does occur in savannas.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting August-October.
IdentificationThis species is very similar to Mohr's Thoroughwort, which see for identification details. Weakley (2018) says that this species often erectly branches from near the base, as opposed to not branching near the base in E. mohrii; and this species is only 1-2 feet tall, as opposed to 3-4.5 feet tall in E. mohrii.
Taxonomic CommentsOlder references did name the species as E. recurvans, but later renamed it as E. mohrii. All references now recognize E. mohrii, and only some now recognize the "new" E. recurvans from it.

Other Common Name(s)Recurved Eupatorium, Recurved Boneset
State RankS1? [S2?]
Global RankG3G4Q
State StatusW7
US Status
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