Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Bread Wheat - Triticum aestivum   L.Only member of Triticum in NC.
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Section 5 » Order Cyperales » Family Poaceae
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DistributionMore-or-less throughout the state. Gaps will probably be filled in over time. However, website editors cannot vouch that every record is adventive vs. planted.

Native of Eurasia; in N.A. widespread as a food crop and cover crop.
AbundanceProbably frequent throughout.
HabitatRoadsides, fields, weed in crop fields, along walkways, horse trails, waste ground, etc. Forms of it are also planted as a winter cover crop and to stabilize temporarily disturbed sites.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting April-August, at least.
IdentificationWheat is one of our staple cereal and bread grasses. Stems grow 2-4 (or more) feet high, AND THE leaves are few and well-spaced. The inflorescence is a terminal, compact spike 2.5-7 inches long. Depending on the cultivar, the spikelets may have long erect awns or none. Each spikelet has 3-9 florets. It resembles Cultivated Rye (Secale cereale) but differs in having a single spikelet per node (vs. 2+).
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