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DistributionNortheastern Piedmont only; known from just four counties along the VA line.

Known only from central VA to north-central NC, but numerous in central and southern VA, barely extending into NC.
AbundanceRare to possibly uncommon and overlooked, within its small state range. This is a Significantly Rare species.
Habitat"Upland forests, woodland borders, marsh edges" (Weakley 2018). It typically grows in similar habitats as many other Piedmont Eupatorium species -- dry to mesic soils of wooded edges and openings, powerline clearings, etc.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting August-October.
IdentificationThis species looks similar to a number of other thoroughworts, and is told by its oddly toothed, paired leaves. Though they are lanceolate in shape like many others, the basal half is strongly serrated, whereas the terminal third to half is generally entire (or slightly serrated) and rather narrowly tapered to the apex.
Taxonomic CommentsThe taxonomy of this plant is unsettled; it may ba a hybrid of E. altissimum x album. Molecular research is warranted. However, in VA it appears to act as a good species on its own accord, with a stable morphology.

Other Common Name(s)Pasture Eupatorium, Tall Boneset, Tall Eupatorium
State RankS1S2
Global RankG4
State StatusSR-L
US Status
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