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Account for Marsh Flat-top Goldenrod - Euthamia hirtipes   (Fernald) Sieren
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Author(Fernald) Sieren
DistributionScattered on the outer Coastal Plain, barrier islands, and Outer Banks.

Coastal Plain, southern NJ to central FL and southwestern AL.
AbundanceUncommon to locally common, but surprisingly no collections yet from Onslow and Pender counties.
HabitatMoist to dry margins of brackish marshes and interdune marshes, interdune swales, maritime woodlands. Generally a species of moist to seasonally wet soils.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting September-November.
IdentificationOur species of flat-top goldenrods can be told from other goldenrods (genus Solidago) by their rather flat-toped inflorescences and by their slender stem leaves that tend to be all about the same size on a given plant. This species grows 1.5-3 feet tall and has leaves with 1-3 (-5) obvious main veins. From E. caroliniana it differs in wider leaves (greater than 3 mm wide vs. less than 2.5 mm wide in that common species) and usually lacks fascicles of small leaves in the axils of stem leaves. The flower heads have many more florets per each head.
Taxonomic CommentsSome authors do not recognize this species, but it has a combination of stable characters that separate it from E. graminifolia and from E. caroliniana. NatureServe only lists it as E. graminifolia var. hirtipes. Older references named it as Solidago tenuifolia. The taxonomy of this species is still quite unsettled.

Other Common Name(s)None
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