Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Limestone Adder's-tongue - Ophioglossum engelmannii   Prantl
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Section 2 » Order Ophioglossales » Family Ophioglossaceae
DistributionFNA (1993) lists it for NC, so there must be a specimen in some herbarium. A specimen in the SERNEC database: Polk County, "Holbert Cove" 1 May 2010, A. Childs (CONV) appears to match other specimens collected in Polk that are determined as O. nudicaule.

VA to MO and KS, south to FL, TX, and AZ. Also Mex., C.A.
AbundanceApparently a misidentified specimen, and thus the NCNHP's State Status of SR (reported) is warranted.
Taxonomic Comments
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State RankSR *
Global RankG5
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