Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Bushkiller - Causonis japonica   (Thunberg) Rafinesque
Members of Vitaceae:
Only member of Causonis in NC.
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Section 6 » Family Vitaceae
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Author(Thunberg) Rafinesque
DistributionKnown so far from Davidson, Forsyth, and Mecklenburg counties, all discovered in 2006-2007. Reported from Franklin County in 2008. Likely in others as well.

Native of eastern and southeastern Asia; in N.A. from NC to AL and TX.
AbundanceRare, but probably spreading.
HabitatBank of creek, overgrowing a backyard woodpile, nuisance in yard.
PhenologyFlowering May-June; fruiting August-September.
IdentificationThis is a climbing or scrambling vine. Unlike our other members of the grape family, the leaves are divided into 5 distinct leaflets. Each leaflet has a short stalk and is elliptical in outline, looking somewhat like a blackberry (Rubus) leaf. Small pale yellowish or greenish flowers occur in branched, open, flat-topped inflorescences. The berries are 8-12 mm across, dark blue to black.
Taxonomic CommentsAlso known as Cayratia japonica.

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